Bad Tattoo Experiences

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Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences

 That cant be real lol

For starters, theres no way a piece from shoulder to elbow only cost 200GBP. Thats like $350USD. Especially if it was intricate enough for you not to notice for 6 months.

However, if it is true, im LOLing :D


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Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences

Is anyone here featured on this site?


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Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences

one of mine is slanted on my leg, it's supposed to be around my ankle but it's really around my leg.  i was 18 when i got it and we were all a little under the influence so i can't really blame him because i was stupid enough to get one in that condition and let him do it in his condition.  i would like to get it covered though, i'm waiting until i'm done with school and have the money.

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Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences

Most artists will sell you a custom drawing if you do not plan on getting the work done by them. Often times if you have custom work created for you the artist will just give you the piece as a gift after having the tattoo completed. As far as messing it up on purpose i dont think thats the case. To me it looks as if he lost some of the stencil(the purple ink showing guide lines) and he just made it up as he went. Either way it doesnt look very good. How much research did you do before having work put on you. Tattoo's are not like anything else you buy you have to really look into who is the artist and what they are capable of.

Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences
Er, no, by the looks of the tattoo, Id say they were just a BAD tattoo artist! It's not very good work at all. Not trying to be intentionally rude, but it looks to me like they are simply a bad artist or inexperienced. The legs are wrong the arms are wrong, the shadow is wrong....
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Re: Bad Tattoo Experiences
you fuckkeddddd uppppp


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