Battlefield 3 Sets Sales Records At EA

Video games are always an interesting part of the economic situation to take a look at; obviously they are a luxury or entertainment item that is in no way required, and despite this they have continued selling strongly through the recession. Battlefield 3, released last week, is just another example of this as it managed to break records for sales at Electronic Arts.

In a single week Battlefield 3 sold an estimated 5 million copies of the game; this is an absolutely astonishing number compared to the past. EA has also made it clear that these users are not only buying the game, they’re playing it too because the main EA servers were originally having trouble keeping up with the demand.

Later next week we will likely see yet another video game record, but this time it will be even bigger. Modern Warfare 3 is slated for release and many analysts believe it will likely break all of the previous worldwide sales records (which the last Modern Warfare game set..)




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