BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

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BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Thought I'd share this easy and tasty recipe, just made it last night and it's delicious.

Boneless chicken breast
Sliced pepperoni
Fresh pineapple
Grated mozzarella or whatever you prefer
Pizza crust (much easier to use the pre-made ones like Boboli, but you can use pizza dough if you like, just buy a couple tubes per pie or it'll be too thin)
Your favorite BBQ sauce (honey-flavored or teriyaki works well)
Pizza sauce, mixed to taste w/ BBQ sauce

If you choose to use pizza dough, start rolling it or tossing it first, it takes a while. Use flour on a piece of waxpaper and keep working it till it takes shape.
Set up your grill for direct medium heat.
Core and skin pineapple and cut it into rings.
Grill the chicken breast and pineapple rings, coating the chicken thoroughly with BBQ sauce (For extra taste add a BBQ-flavored rub to the chicken first, and sprinkle the pineapple with a little brown sugar or 5-spice powder). Let them cool, and dice everything up.
Make sure you have all your toppings ready, clean the grill and oil it, and grill the crust topside-down for a few minutes (leave the grill open/uncovered).
Flip the crust and remove from grill (this is tricky if you're using dough, you can flip it and leave it on the grill if you put the toppings on quickly). Spoon on your pizza sauce/bbq sauce mix and add all your toppings. Put it back on the grill, covering it this time.
When the cheese has fully melted, it's ready to go, enjoy!


Re: BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Wow! I just ordered Domino's before reading this and now I feel like cancelling. Thank you ever-so much for the tip.

Re: BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Excellent! Thanks Nacirema  for tonight's dinner idea. Your fabulous recipe coupled with a nice vintage Merlot, and a tossed salad and Bon A' Petite!




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