Best Antivirus ?

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Best Antivirus ?

whats the best antivirus????
because i neeed 1 for my pc.



Re: Best Antivirus ?

AVG 7.5 Free

Re: Best Antivirus ?

I'm with Isaac.

Some reports don't portray AVG in a very good light, but it gives less "false positives" and has always caught items that other scanners didn't. 

Easy to set-up and updates are quick and painless. The email protection utility was the only one I got to work over Norton and McCaffe when dealing with a mass mailer worm in Outlook.

and it's free...can't beat that.  

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

[quote=Isaac]AVG 7.5 Free[/quote]

I have this and it works marvelously!!

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

You only think it does. Free stuff is only good to a point, most things remain hidden from these programs. A lot of people will bring their machine to me and explain they have all the best antivirus software, ect. (free stuff usually) and their machines are full of stuff that can sometimes make a machine seem useless.

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

If you are looking into a "name brand" anti virus, I would have to say Nortons because they are usually the first ones to find a "cure" for a virus. But if you want to go a cheaper route, go with McAfee. It is alittle slower, but almost as good & easy to use.




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Re: Best Antivirus ?

Norton is a better choice, definitely! It seems like people don't take the time to really understand the difference between programs (free and commercial), nor do they really understand how viruses, spyware, and the like really work. Then, people come explaining one problem with the machine and it turns out they do not know what they are talking about.

Get Norton people (Internet Security 2009 is good....360 is too) and research computers. A little knowledge never hurts anyone.

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

I'm partial to Panda!  I had Norton & it didn't do much for me.

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

I use Avast for Anti-virus. It's free and easy to install. Plus, it updates almost everyday. However, be sure to run a virus check with it as soon as you download it since it catches things that Norton's or McAfee doesn't.

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Re: Best Antivirus ?

I go with norton. they keep up to date and warn me as soon as there is a problem. It's worked good for me for the past two years.

Re: Best Antivirus ?

I have McAfee. I have comcast as my internet provider and they give you McAfee for free. I haven't had a problem. I was downloading music one day and a file was infected they caught the problem quick. I really don't have experience with other products but I'd really recommend McAfee.


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