Best Buy Still Selling HP Touchpad

Odds are you remember the fiasco surrounding the HP Touchpad earlier this year; HP cleared out all of their remaining stock at an incredibly low price. Amazingly there are still HP Touchpads available in many places, including Best Buy. Best Buy announced this week that they will once again be selling the HP Touchpad for a low price, but this time there is a catch.
In order to qualify for the $149 Touchpad at Best Buy you must purchase a desktop or laptop first. Best Buy did this because there was so much demand when the Touchpad first went on sale but now we can’t help but think that they’re just looking for a way to make some money. Odds are there are people out there willing to buy a PC just to save a bundle on a tablet device.
So if you are still looking for the elusive HP Touchpad then now is your opportunity; head on down to Best Buy and pick one up (once you buy a computer of course)




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