best course of action for a virus?

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best course of action for a virus?

About a week ago i went to check a website someone mentioned, searched the wrong name without realizing it till it was too late, now my computer has a virus or something and i need to know what the best course of action to take is in your opinion.
Problems that have occurred. I am pretty sure the computer is a windows 7 if that helps any.
(these are problems I've noticed specifically im not sure what my parents have run into, yes im an adult but im an idiot with tech like them so i figured it best to check for someone online who actually knows stuff.

-The computer is running slow whenever i use the internet, but everything else seems to work fine if theres no internet Window open near as i can tell.
-When i'm on websites ads will pop up within the page i'm viewing (like on Tumblr, ads will show up at the top of my dash and all the way down the right side of the page)
-With Tumblr (main site i go to so most of the problems ive noticed happened there) the top area on a persons page that has the buttons for like/follow/reblog/fanmail stuff like that dont show up
-With Tumblr if i try to ask a question it will take me to the page i type up my question and if I click the ask button nothin happens
-with pretty much any video site like Youtube the videos sound works fine but the video itself stops and skips alot
-with video stuff a thing at the top of the video pops up mentioning about makin my computer run videos faster and at the bottom right of the window in general it looks like theres a generic speedometer
-with any sites in general words are occasionally altered to look blue or red like they have redirrect links and the words are underlined and if you highlight the words a small mini-window pops up while the words highlighted that advertises various things but they all say something about Friendschecker
-with websites in general with the tab where if a sites loading it will show a loading circle well it constantly shows that and the window acts like its constantly trying to load the page even if i tell it to stop loading itll just keep doing it or itll stop and then start again a few seconds later
-our security thing is Microsoft Security Essentials and I have run a full scan several times that says nothings wrong, even though its pretty clear somethin is.

I'm pretty sure theres other problems but im kinda tired and ive typed alot already so ill stop there for now.
id like your input on if you know what i ended up gettin in my computer and how i should fix it.
if you need more info or just need me to check something to help just let me know. Sorry if thats alot to read i wanted to try describing the problems as best as i could.



Re: best course of action for a virus?

Some of what you are describing sounds like some sort of malware, some sounds like some kind of "browser bar" software you may have installed (with or without your knowledge) and some sounds perfectly normal - ie "any sites in general words are occasionally altered to look blue or red like they have redirrect links and the words are underlined and if you highlight the words a small mini-window pops up" - sounds like inline advertisements that many websites have.

If all of this began suddenly, directly after you visited a bad website, then it is most like Malware or a virus causing the issues. There are few courses of action you can take, all depending on your technical ability and/or how much $$ you are willing to spend.

1) first, before you even THINK about doing anything, make sure that you have a good, working backup of ANYTHING THAT YOU CARE ABOUT on that computer (pictures, documents you have created, saved passwords, bookmarks, music, etc) .. If you do not know how to do this, or aren't sure how/what/where NOW is the time to learn - DO ... NOT.... DO... ANYTHING.. ELSE.. until what you care about is secured by being backed up to at least two other locations.

2) Download and install the free version of MalwareBytes from here: Free MalwareBytes. Install it, run it, read, then follow the instructions - it will scan your computer and should be able to find/fix and remove most bad stuff.

3) Another option is to find the "recovery disk" that comes with most Windows computers. Using this disk will reformat / wipe everything from the computer and put it back the way it was the day you brought it home. This is usually a last resort.

4) if you can't do #'s 1-3, take your computer to the local computer place (NOT GeekSquad, they will fu&ck you!) - any small mom & pop place should be able to back up and clean the computer for around $100 ..

Lastly, my free public service announcement: When you are finally ready to throw that computer out the window in the future, go look at/consider a Mac, so you never have to worry about this kind of silliness again.

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