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Re: best live show?

can't believe i missed the music thread for this long!


okay, best live shows i've seen:

Pink Floyd Division Bell (too young to have seen them before :( but they were amazing! i was right up front and center, it was incredible)

Janes Addiction & Porno for Pyros (obviously different tours...)

Sick of It All (old school stage pile on's, i miss these shows the most, i saw them everytime they came to town)

Slayer (they were perfection the drummer is incredible)

Patty Griffin (her voice is phenomenal as well as her guitarist)

Kiss reunion tour--those guys were great performers! i didn't even like them before I went, it was an agreement w/ my bfriend but i loved it!)

David Grey (again, perfect voice, great connection with his audience) 

 Andrew Bird on tour this year, he was just the opening act, but I could have listened to him for hours and hours

I did see Clutch many times and loved their shows too 

Re: best live show?

Disturbed and Sevendust are absolutly brilliant live

Re: best live show?

ok i just saw the police a couple weeks ago.  they were cool.  it was neat to see sting up close.  he kept a table on stage near by with what looked like mists or sprays for his throat to sing,...but i chuckled to myself and called it his karma sutra table!  the drummer was the best too!

Re: best live show?

Killswitch Engage is pretty sick live....

Re: best live show?

A lot of people seem to like metal/rock on here, so I don't know how relevant my suggestion would be...

But the Arcade Fire have so much energy live, and there are at least nine of them sweating and banging away on various instruments. It's really energizing, and the special thing about them is that they're such a big ensemble for a 'rock band' - it's also great to watch them shouting and harmonizing together, because you don't often see that, either.

I'd also recommend the Decemberists if you're into folkish rock; I'm sure a lot of people have heard of them at least in passing. They're a lot of fun to see live - they've got accordions and hand-painted drum sets, I believe - and the singer is adorable. The concerts are worth it just for Colin Meloy, folks.

Also, Bjork. But this is only applicable if you really like her music. Then it's like a dream come true. I actually paid upwards of $250 to see her live this December, eep.

Finally, I've heard Kanye West's concerts are amazing, and that he spends half his life planning them. Thing is, he comes off as a petty brat - complaining publicly when critics don't give him spectacular reviews. Regardless, I hear they're good! Light shows and glow in the dark thingies. In fact, I think it's called the Glow in the Dark tour.

Re: best live show?

i love bjork.  she talks like shes on acid.

Re: best live show?

i was never the hugest fan, but my husband i got us some VERY expensive tickets to see U2 for his christmas present.

some of the best money i ever spent (well my husband's money..HAHA).

it's going to sound cheesy...but you are there, and the feeling in the crowd is electric, like you are in the presence of even sounds cheesy as i'm typing, but it really is the best way to describe it. i am a huge fan now, and before, if their song was on the radio...9/10 i'd change the station.

i also like that they have a wonderful message, and try to educate their fans on meaningful causes during their show. 

also, MADONNA, BABY. that's pure entertainment right there. 

and of the best shows i've ever been to. too bad i was seeing triple most of the time...i regret that part now.

and honorable mention...MR. BUNGLE...mike patton's other band besides faith no more. that show is ike a freaking barnum and bailey circus...awesomeness.


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