Best software program to record webcam sessions?

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Fed Up
Wow. .. I believe that you have covered almost all the bases here...except one. I would like to know because my husband cheats on me online with these live cam shoes and one on one sessions on that evil site called Chaturbate . This is the recent site. He's paid for sessions and for sites like, And Reality Kigs...which you probably know is a pornographic site that specializes in young women who "appear" to be under age (for effect) doing XXX sex acts and the camera n makes it look like it was recorded by a cell phone or non professional recording device. Very disturbing. So.. live chats and voyeur sites and amature porn all inform me I'm dealing with someone who A.)wants very badly to be a part of the shit he's watching on there. B.)It's the closest thing to cheating in person he can get without physical activity and C.) I'm 90% sure he's doing other things that I don't have the evidence of but need to find before I lose my mind. How do you go about paying for it? And can you use iTunes store for anything of that nature? Also. ..what should I look for in terms of him hiding this from me our trying to be sneeky....Thanks....Fed Up.
Anonymous Visitor
Fed Up - Maybe you should ask yourself Why your husband feels the need to have to go behind your back? Maybe he isn't getting enough intimacy at home so he has to stray? Maybe he doesn't want to leave you - but you just don't provide him with enough sex? Love=Sex; Sex=Love... just saying, we're not all bad guys, I love my wife, but she hasn't had sex with me in 9.5 months, should I freakin just leave her and 2 kids, or take care of myself. .....
Anonymous Guy Online

THANK YOU! Why can't women understand this??
If you don't cook dinner for me, I'm going to order take-out food. And then you're going to get mad about me ordering take-out?!
Would you RATHER I hire a cook instead?

It takes two.. If you aren't cooking dinner, you're going to force him to eat-out (forgive the pun).. It's not always this simple - the guy could have pathalogical problems, but for all the guys I know/talk about this with, it's a simple matter of the wife not wanting to "cook dinner".. or sometimes, she will "cook dinner" reluctantly, but, it doesn't taste very good..

80s Dude

Or, you could just get off your ass and cook your own dinner. But i guess that isn't caveman enough for you.

Anonymous Visitor
RSoftware program to record webcam sessions?
that was great dude!liked your post!!!!!!!!!!!!
wolf man wolf
Re: Best software program to record webcam sessions?

First off web cam chat is an addictive on line service which takes a lot of money out of men pockets who are lied to daily and taken advantage of by the web cam girls. So easy on the ( illegal to record ) blah blah its illegal to cross the road too with out a cross walk . ))))))))))

Re: Best software program to record webcam sessions?

I use Replay Media Catcher for all my legal non-copyrighted stream recording....

Some Legal Jargon

Re: Best software program to record webcam sessions?

I used to use a good (free) program that would record video-chat (or almost any video on your screen) - it was free but it always put a logo/watermark on your recorded video.. the paid version didnt put the logo on. I thought it was from a company called iRiver or something like that, but i just googled it and couldnt find anything like the program i used to use (it's been 5 or 6 years)..

Re: Best software program to record webcam sessions?

Thanks Hubby Ill try to further the search on that.
Anybody else? Wow I thought this was a common thing used by many.
Guess not :(
Really like to find something.

Re: Best software program to record webcam sessions?

Rendersoft's CamStudio

Its opensource ;)
Its free ;)


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