Bicycle Recommendations Please?

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Zoo Keeper
Bicycle Recommendations Please?

So one of my besties and I have set a goal to compete in a triathlon by the 10th anniversary of my 25th birthday. We are already runners (doing my first 1/2 next month...oh boy) and play competitive indoor and outdoor  soccer at least weekly so we are in relatively good shape. We want to start training for the bike ride part (usually 23 miles give or take) so I am looking for bike recommendations. Anybody got any?


Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

The kind with two wheels :-)

Back in my competitive days I had a Schwinn CrissCross. Dont know if they still sell them, but it was basically half-road bike and half mountain bike, so i could go almost anywhere yet still perform well on the street.. Wasnt real expensive either.

Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

I don't have any recommendations but I want to say good luck and girl that is great that you have awesome goals like that! :)

Almost Evil
Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

You will look beauuuuutiful on this baby!

Zoo Keeper
Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

LMAO...I knew I could count on your for the "style" recommendation....It may take me 3 days and 24 beers (think Revenge of the Nerds) to get to the finish line but at least I will arive in style...

Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

If you really want to put yourseLf through the paces and get super fit - get a Pashley bike. They are hand made in Straford on Avon to old fashioned standards - i.e. quality.. Heavy - but like a Rolls Royce. DrRob

p to the izzle
Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

I'm not real sure what kind of bikes they ride other than rode bikes. ie is it more specialized than just a road bike. Felt makes a decent entry level road bike. What I would do is find a local bike shop that carries stuff from entry level all the way up to Oh My God. They can point you in the right direction. Trek of course has been known to have a famous talented rider as well so their bikes should be good. The sky is the limit on what you could spend. I've read about some crazy expensive custom built bikes.

I would look for light, maybe carbon fiber or scandium. Clipless pedals are nice as well. They make each pedal more efficient. A very good saddle. No sense in having a sore butt.  

Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

First, congrats and good luck.  What an amazing goal!


P-izzle is right.  Go to a local shop.  Find the guy with the shaved legs.  He will be the most hardcore.

Have them fit you and then suggest a good bike weight range for you.

You can go home and try to find one on craigslists or ebay after you know what to look for.  You don't have to buy new.  Many people drop big money on great bikes and then sell them with very low miles on them. 

Stay with a road bike as they are lighter.  Hybrids do have wider tires that need changing less often, but for 23 miles, I wouldn't worry too much about that.  The added weight will work against you, believe me.

You must have clipless pedals which also means bike shoes.

You MUST wear the padded shorts.  Your "stuff" will thank you.

A seat for women is important as well. 

So you see, you will be investing in a lot of extra places so you should try to find a used bike and try to buy the lightest bike you can afford.

Canondale, Trek and Specialized are all good brand names - but fit and weight are most important.

Good luck!!!!!!

Zoo Keeper
Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please?

Getting fitted is one of my goals this week so I can order it before I leave on vacation!

Thanks for the input!

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