BlackBerry Brings Balance to iOS and Android

Blackberry logo pictureBlackBerry’s latest phones have a unique and very useful feature called “Balance” that essentially creates two completely separate profiles on a phone. The idea is that one profile would be for work (and can be managed by your IT department) while the other is completely for personal use and is not monitored or controlled by work at all. It works well and many companies really like the idea, which is exactly why BlackBerry is now working on bringing the system to iOS and Android phones.

This is the first time BlackBerry has brought something like this to their competitors but obviously they have their reasons. BlackBerry has not actually finished the services yet but they hope to have them available for Android and iOS very soon. The question of how much it will cost is still a big unknown at this point but BlackBerry is definitely going to make some money off of this. Android is, as expected, the easier operating system to make it work on, unfortunately iOS will miss out on some of the functionality by BlackBerry is still hopeful that this will catch on with corporate users.




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