Blackberry IP location in UK

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Blackberry IP location in UK

Im looking for an answers about emails sent from a blackberry phone?
I have looked at the IPs sent over a week and they all say the same location within the uk. is this there actual area they are sent from?
All the ips were close in the numbers at the end, going up in 1s
I know I cant get a real location just a estimate would help me loadz.
Thank you ever-so much


Re: Blackberry IP location in UK

If I recall, most (all?) Blackberrys go through some sort of Blackberry connection (like a proxy), so that they all show as coming from the same place, or a very short list of places (USA, UK, etc) ..

Re: Blackberry IP location in UK

To my knowledge, Hubby is correct. 


Edit:  I just checked my blackberry originated emails.  If you go to a service such as Maxmind and track the originating IP it should say "RIM" or "Research in Motion" as the location.   In the quick check that I did, most of the IPs were identical regardless of origination location or sender.

Re: Blackberry IP location in UK

All Blackberry emails and messages go through the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) which will be stationed in one of many places worldwide. As for where those are; im sure Google can help

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