Blacked Out Name - Facebook

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Blacked Out Name - Facebook

I cannot seem to work out the answer to this issue that I have found with Facebook and would greatly appreciate some help.

My ex and I are no longer friends on Facebook and she deactivated her account a while ago. Last week she was back on Facebook. We have mutual friends and I have noticed that her profile is now coming up with the standard no profile picture silhouette and her name is in black and cannot be clicked on. I can see previous posts that she has made on mutual friend's walls (this was prior to the break up). Also, at times, her profile is clickable and I can see basic information.

I created a fake Facebook profile and she is still blacked out and unclickable on her friend's lists.

So I am not sure what this means. If I was blocked, I don't think I would be able to see any trace of her on Facebook however I can see her on mutual friend's lists. If she was deactivated, again, surely there would be no trace of her.

I have not known of any privacy settings that allow a user to make their profile name unclickable.

Has anyone experienced this or has any answers as to why this may be happening?


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