blocked on Facebook then unblocked, can't add back to relationship status

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Re: blocked on Facebook then unblocked, can't add back to...

Logging off worked for me. Thanks

Benny D Miller Jr.
Re: deactivated, then started up again.

I had deactivated my account. Then started it up again. I don't remember if I reactivated it, I think I started a new account. But I am unable to find my Fiancé.

Crystal Amador ...
error. Unable to add relationship status.

I’m experiencing this same problem at the moment .. I’ve tried uninstalling Facebook and adding it back, logging out and back in .. nothing is working .. it just says “error. Unable to add relationship status.” It won’t even let it be set as just “in a relationship.” Ive reported it to Facebook .. and still not heard nothing back .. never had this problem .. Does anyone know what I could do??


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