Blocking Firefox to Use

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Blocking Firefox to Use


I have a friend on my myspace list that is using a tracker. I currently have and pay for this service.

My question is about my friends myspace profile.

He some how disabled people from using firefox, so he could track them on IE, Safari, etc., and when you actually DO use Firefox to view his page it will not let you and he just has some video that plays over and over again.

Is it possbile to some how prevent myspace users from using firefox (so that they cannot use the tracker blocker)?

Sorry, I am a newbie when it comes to Firefox add-ons.



Re: Blocking Firefox to Use

This doesn't answer your question directly, but consider trying this add on:

User Agent Switcher :: Firefox Add-ons

This add on changes how Firefox identifies itself to the web sites you visit. So basically it will let your Firefox browser stay fully functional with ABP still intact but will allow it to identify itself as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera. 



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