Winning an iPad !

I don't blog anywhere else, so I hope this counts! I love my Kindle Fire, but it'd be really nice to win a iPad. If I won an iPad, I could rule the world! Well, maybe not rule the world, exactly, but I could take payment at flea markets, and that'd rock my world.

she never would admit it...

even though this consistant pattern (minus the wifi polling intervals) developed over a three months time..interesting. So i allowed her to rip herself apart emotionally. by staying faithful. She was way ahead of the game with this one. Then thats when i first heard of the ip address. there was this one ip always poping up on her computer and she never knew what is was..who it was...why it was. Then her reaction to it was shifty. As long as I couldnt figure it out she would never admit to what it was about.


Because they have a shitty life. They hate to see others having fun and being happy. They don't know how to have a good time or get joy out of their life so they stir the pot for those who they see smile at life and the only excitement to come to them is sitting back to watch the KAOS (The nemesis of CONTROL is KAOS, described as "an international organization of evil.") they have created. TBL(The triple bottom line abbreviated as TBL), they are envious of what eludes them.

Why Customer Service Sucks... Sometimes.

I'm a Comcast customer... not by choice so much, but there are no other cable companies available where I live... I've seen satellite go out in a storm and since I moved to an area that has some serious storm seasons, I'm not all that interested... I'd especially not be likely to purchace Interwebz from anyone but cable out here... television I *could* easily live without, but it's nice to have around.

I'm baaack ;) ...

Hey there strangers, LTNS!  :)

Bet you didn't even notice I was gone.  ;)

I had an unexpectedly LONG LOA from GuG, but now I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.  So far it doesn't seem like I missed too much ... a few site mechanic changes, but I'm finding my way around.  ~L~

Hope everyone has been doing well, and all is harmonious with you and yours.

It's good to be back!

Living With One Kidney

I tend not to share much personal information here, mostly because of how certain jealous and socially-unbalanced people tend to use such information against me; as a matter of fact, this is my first 'blog' post - but this is something that is so bizarre and harmless at the same time I thought i would make a post about it.

She heard about a place, people were smilin'...They spoke about the Red Man's way, and how they loved the land

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this blog entry has a LOT to say.  Unfortunatley, GuG requires fifty words, so I'll just babble mindlessly until we reach that number.  Are we there yet?


Meet Gir and Æon... :)

I have to note, as I type this, all three babies are asleep on me... Pop Tart, Gir, and Æon... dogpile on Trinity.

Hubs2be brought home 2 more kitties on Friday... He had only intended on grabbing one, but the brother started following it's sister when he had captured her... I say captured, but that's used loosely...

Meet Pop-Tart :)

husand in Japan

I got with a guy that is in the marines back in march and we didnt see each other much at all but we were on the phone of every second of every day with each other, he said he might be getting sent to Japan for three years and so we talked about getting married.


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