A day in the life of Green

ramblings of a silly, crazy, wacky fun sometime unstable mom (hehehehe)

I love our family. I love that my husband and I rejoice in our kids and adore each and every moment of them as they grow. We are not parents that don't allow mud pies. we encourage them. Although I might complain as I am scrubbing red fingerpaint out of our beige carpet I love my kids' imagination and relive childhood once again through them. What an amazing blessing that we have been given. Some days I am not sure that I can endure all of my blessings at once. Especially when all 4 of them have the flu and I am covered in ...well, you get the picture.

We have several traditions in our household. I am a craft crazy mom. I have learned over many years that the easiest way for me anyway to learn about my child and what is happening in their life is to actually get dirty with them. We fingerpaint with shaving cream and have pudding filled balloon tosses. One of my favorite things to do with my girls is we took some cake decorating classes and each month we bake up a batch of cupcakes or cookies or we make a cake for that month's holiday. My kitchen table is inch deep in frosting and I am wiping it off my walls for a week but, hearing the kids talk about it for days afterward is well worth it. My son. My only son. He is 3 and has 3 older sisters. Poor li'l guy. I tell him he will be most happy when his he is about 10 and all his sisters are having sleepover pool parties with all their girlfriends but, for now he is stuck in a world of pink and princess. He is all boy though. Loves super heroes and dinosaurs. Some fun the two of us have is making worm dessert. It's basically chocolate pudding and oreo crumbs with hidden gelatin worms and bugs hidden inside. We also go fishing in our living room. I made a fishing pond out of poster board and cut out some fish shapes. I attached a metal paper clip to their nose and used a stick and some string for the pole. At the end of the string I hotglued a magnet. On Sunday night we go fishing for that child's "day" and "treat" Sometime between Monday night to Sunday night my kids have their "day". On their day they have a special fun coupon and/or silly thing to do like eat dinner 'under' the table or desert before dinner night. If daughter #2 picks her day as Tuesday and wins a solo bubble bath with tons of toys she gets to make all the kid decisions that day. If it is choosing what cereal the kids have for breakfast or what channel the tv is on it is her day so, it is her choice. At bathtime She gets mom or dad's attention for her whole bathtime. We fill the tub as far as the bubbles will get and pour in a monstrous supply of toys. I bought some bathtub crayons (they're actually soap) and we play tic tac toe on the walls or color a garden of flowers.


* I will write more later the li'l superhero just woke up and wants pancakes..gotta go be a mom.....to be continued