A First Time Tooth Fairy

A friend of mine's son lost his first tooth tonight. I pulled out a poem I wrote years ago when I was a first time tooth fairy to give to her. It brought back memories of my girls when they were younger and thought I would share it with some of the "first time" tooth fairies here on GuG



Under A Pillow Tonight

Carefully placed under a pillow tonight

Lay one little tooth as she turned out her light;



Her eyes closed in dreamland, a smile on her face 

Snuggled up tightly, the bear grandma made.

Quietly kissing the brow on her head,

The tooth fairy crept by the side of the bed,



Remembering when her first tooth appeared,

She made the exchange as her loving eyes teared



Her job was complete as she let out a sigh,

And quietly left her to sleep through the night,



Into her album she made her way,

To look at the pictures of her first tooth days



She peered in her palm, where the precious tooth lay

More precious than diamonds, she heard her lips say

She wrote down her name “My angel, 6 years old”

Secured this sweet treasure upon the page fold

Her book placed securely back out of view

To be shared with her later, after she grew


A silent prayer spoken of Thanks for my gift

Your wonders amaze me, my praises I lift

The tooth fairy then, with love in her heart

Took off her wings, she had finished her part.






~Leave them wondering



Awesome Poem... Thanks for sharing!

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