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I'm a psych major.  Anything of the mind fascinates me, and human behavior is an obsession of mine.  I'm taking summer school right now, and the class I'm taking is Abnormal Psych, which deals with mental disorders such as major depression, schizophrenia, and a variety of personality disorders.  In one of the chapters, there was a section that discusses how many people are so quick to label others and themselves with a certain disorder without being at all qualified.  Something I hear people talk about a lot is bipolar disorder.  One of my bosses used to change his mind all the time, and most of the employees would just automatically say "Oh, he's bipolar."  Or... one of my friend's was talking about yesterday about his mood swings and how he knows he's bipolar.  Bipolar disorder has little to do with people changing their minds or the "normal mood swings" people tend to have.  Of course it depends on what type of bipolar disorder you have to know what your symptoms would be, but you'd have to have extreme mania or hypomania which is a slightly less extreme episode.   


My point of this blog is that a mental disorder is serious, and now that I'm learning more and more about these types of things, I'm starting to take offense to when people misuse the labels.  It's a horrible and terrifying thing to have some of these disorders, especially if they are extreme.  I just wish a lot of people would be more educated about these types of things, and I'm not an expert (yet) but I definitely plan on sharing my knowledge with everyone!!!




I have 1 BA in English and 1 in Psychology. I am working on my Spec Ed Masters, and I feel you. I really hate it when people BRAG about how they are "seriously OCD" I doubt they have any idea what qualifies one to be diagnosed with an OCD and it isn't really something I would consider cute and quirky.


 It has always been a major pet peeve of mine.


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I don't trust anyone's opinion on mental disorders... I've been told by 3 Psychologists (yes, people who make a LIVING at this) that I'm slightly autistic... what the hell is that?? slightly? pfftttt... whatever...

One of them also tried to tell me I had Schizoaffective Disorder... 

I think psychologists are the crazy ones... not me.

And the voices in my head agree.

Just because I prefer to live in my own little world (you have to agree, reality sucks) all of a sudden I have a disorder?

I think people are too quick to blame their problems, or lack of taking responsibility on having a 'disorder'... especially the common ones...

I've used terms like you mentioned your co-workers used to describe your manager, but I didn't mean it literally. They might not either. I'm also a psych major so I am aware of the symptoms required for some of the mental disorders and still use those terms. Like when somebody says, he's sooo crazzzyyy, over a little thing they do that might not be very rational they don't actually think he needs to be institutionalized. 


One that drives me nuts is when people use "schizo" as a synonym to "multiple personality disorder".  Very, VERY different illnesses.  If you're going to fling around medical terminology as insults, at least be intelligent enough about it to use the terms properly. 



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