Alcohol, Fleas, and Ramen... Oh My...

Oh. My. God.  I am NEVER ever drinking again.  We went out last night for a friend's birthday... we were only out for like 3 hours... and I think I had about 10 drinks shots included (might I add, I don't drink beer, so my drinks contain more alcohol than the beer drinkers)......... now, I don't have the hangover I hear about... I just feel really really sick.  No headache... just stomachache... and somewhere last night I did something to my hip.  I don't know what, but it friggin hurts like hell... anyway... makeup down my face right now and in my Pirates of the Caribbean pajamas... yeah, and here's the interesting part... we've got another birthday to go to tonight.... water for me please.

So in better news, I got all of my grades Monday and I've successfully pulled a 4.0 this semester... now I just gotta keep it up.  Boyfriend didn't give a f*** but I was happy anyway so I guess that's all that matters

I need to find a job this summer so this will be fun... all my past jobs have been oh so successful... yeah... successfully full of drama. I need to find one where I can sit my happy-a** away from human contact and just be.  Good luck finding that... but here's to hoping *holds up glass of water*

So Boyfriend has been moving his stuff to my place as of this past week or so... and oh my goodness it's been so frustrating... and causing a lot of fights... mainly because that everything he wants to take over are the very few things I've been happy with and want to keep... so I get called selfish, I figure fine, do wtf you want to do, and then he dumps my stuff in piles and tells me I need to do something with it... Huh?... No no no no nooooo, you want the space, YOU find something to do with it, and the trash is not where it goes.  He already rearranged my bedroom a few months ago... and I hated it then... and I still hate it now... and now he wants to completely change my bed (bed-frame rather)... I've been so unhappy lately.

And I dedicated Monday-Wednesday to cleaning the apt (which is now trashed again thanks to you know who)... and he's got the nerve to complain that he could have cleaned it 6 times over... yeah well, 1) we had a flea infestation and I had to powder the rooms one at a time for hours at a time because it had to sit for 24 hours and the pets weren't allowed in those rooms... and 2) he went off visiting old friends and went to the river and screwed around having fun while I cleaned, so I don't see where he gets off thinking he has a right to say ANYTHING about my cleaning since his exact words before I started cleaning were 'WE need to clean' and he was no where to be found when it came to doing it... so I guess WE meant *I* and next time WE need to clean, then *I* will go off and have fun... and if it doesn't get done, *I* don't particularly care.... that or the other plan is to only clean my stuff (which accounts for about 2% of the mess) including dishes and when he finally gets off his a** and does something, maybe he'll figure it out since he seems to think he's not messy at all.. because everyone has to clean up after him... another direct quote from him  'If everyone would just clean up after themselves, then nothing would get messy.' ... yeah, if only... this came directly before he got the Sunday ads, COVERED the floor with them, got up, and left... left as in went out and didn't come back for 5 or 6 hours... and covered the floor as in, you'd think we replaced the carpet with advertisements.  I swear he doesn't EVER clean up after himself... leaves dishes and cans on tables and the floor... clothes everywhere... puts empty pitchers back in the fridge... you'd think he's five.  Sorry guys... just ranting.

Okay... so now that I feel a little better... I'll stop boring you guys with my annoyed rants. I'm starving and trying to think of what might not upset my stomach further... I'm thinking breakfast tacos... or something... it sounds really good to me at least right now... but Boyfriend isn't here to make any (went to some motorcycle safety thing he has to do)... and I don't want to drive to Las Palapas, mainly because I don't want to get dressed and cleaned up at the moment since I still feel like sh**... and I really don't feel like eating ramen right now (now you know I'm sick).. we got 4 cases of it last weekend... and have gone through one case leaving 72 ramens left. but in my defense I SHARED the last case so I didn't eat all 24 of them in a week... only about half.

And now for the Technical News portion of this blog (brought to you by Apple Jacks, the crunchy sweetened three-grain cereal with apple and cinnamon that we ALL know doesn't taste like apples but we don't care) I washed and dried my jump-drive earlier this week... pulled it out of the dryer, saddened that it could not survive such harsh conditions.   I took it to my boyfriends computer (figuring what the hell, worst case, his computer blows up... at least it's not mine) plugged it in, and WHOOSH... it worked... rock on little jump drive, rock on. 




 Atleast your guy doesn't just throw it in the trash and not tell you!  Pisses me off.  I told mine once (after I'd had enough of it) that....... Great, you just threw away a hundred dollar bill that I had stashed (in whatever he threw away).  He doesn't throw my stuff away any more.

But I have noticed he does some looking in my stash guess more stashing in those hideaways. 

I realize you posted this awhile ago, but its about the same time mine decided 'we' needed to clean, and that place was under the bed because he wanted to fix the frame of the bed.  Yeah, too cheap to buy a 'real' king size bed frame, so mine is 2x4's that work there way out and I have the bruises on my legs to show for it.

All your rants are my rants too.  Everything yours has said, mine says.  You did a good job on the rant that I'll just stick with yours.  ;)  It works for me at this moment.

And the ramen.  So you buy it by the cases too, huh?  But yeah, is right, the sodium is very high.  It's not good.  

Fleas.  Yuk.  But my problem lately has been the mice.  I am sick of them.  I hate them so much, that when I found one in a bread bag on the kitchen cabinet, I put my hand in a fist and smashed him.  I know, sounds terrible, but I just bought that bread.   Course, I didn't hurt him, he scampered off, but hopefully he figured out not to mess with me again.  Wonder if he's the one I saw turning backflips as he ran across the kitchen floor?  Seriously, I saw a mouse doing that.  Funny as could be. 

Anyway, my man has promised for the last month to take care of the mouse problem, but 'we' need to move  all the cases of new canning jars from the pantry room, to open up the door to the basement, to put the mouse poison down there.

I've saved the best for last.  Your 4.0.   You rock!!!!!  Yes!!!  Way to go Miss Trinity.   


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

 Goodness you guys make me giggle... thanks for the help, and chances are I won't be drinking like that ever again... I've never liked drinking (until recently when I've had yummy doesn't-taste-like-alcohol drinks put in front of me) and it always ends with me so tired I just want to sleep in my clothes and boots (gotta love the knee highs)

I gots more to say, but I'ma post it in another blog in a while... need computer help at the moment so gotta go find foamy...

Thanks guys for the support... love all of you! 


I just had a SuperGlue accident... everyone remain calm...

COngrats on your GPA.. I am very impressed! As for your boyfriend and housework.. well, let's just say... Let the training begin!  

Leave them wondering~

Anime, Once again you have brightened my day!!!! Cassie and i are very proud of your 4.0. that is not easy, especially when your life is so busy! It makes me sad that you have been unhappy lately. Cry  This is a tough time for a roommate to be joining you, yes? sounds like you need a little down time. Wish I could make you feel better. But i can tell you that you are an articulate, very intelligent, and extremely witty 21 year old young woman with the soul of an ancient. I feel very lucky to have you as a friend.    juliek

I forgot to let you in on a little secret my daughter discovered. She loves to party it up with her friends and often drinks way too much. Hey, she's 25. If she wants to suffer, what can I do? Anyway, she would be down all the next day feeling like total crap. All day, I'm not kidding. She found out that taking a couple of charcoal caplets and some vitamin B12 that night she could party all night and be fine the next day. It was an amazing discovery. If you don't have the caplets you can always substitute burnt toast. No kidding! She did that for a while until I told her just to buy the caplets. They're cheap enough and you can get them at Longs, etc. Not that I'm promoting excessive drinking or anything. I just don't like people to suffer.

Hey! Party on!

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do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

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I really must remind myself to stay in touch with you! You have such a gift for making me nod in agreement, raise my fist in full-on warrior woman style, and laugh until my sides hurt. And get your point across about how things are pissing you off without sounding whiny. You are a treasure, anime! Congrats on your 4.0 and good luck with your new boarder *sigh* Did he come with a mom?

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

Good luck on everything. I swear if you didn't have a boyfriend, I wasn't married, we lived near each other and you liked me, I would so be in love with you, lol. Ahh well..... keep up the good work, and I keep the awsome Blogs coming.

Congrats on the 4.0 Laughing  keep up the good work

Wow can you say anal retentive boyfriend? Does he spend a lot of time watching Trading Spaces? Your boyfriend sounds like one of the reasons so many women just decide to stick with cats because they don't talk ;)

Jump drives rock they take huge abuse and still work (I have an 8 GB flash drive on my keyring which gets taken for a walk by my dog several times a week which means it gets washed alot icky dog slobber) and if you have Vista you can use them to augment your RAM *bonus*


"There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots. "

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