All my heroes in the methadone clinics

And this is for all the crackheads, the critics, the cynics
And all my heroes in the methadone clinics

Boyfriend came home from work last night, and tossed an empty cigarette pack at me on his way up the stairs.  "Check that site out".  Sure enough, there's a URL hastily scribbled on the pack. Turns out to be the GREATEST alpaca resource I've seen yet.  Nationwide price guides, package sales, herdsire rentals, financing, shearing services, links to vets, info on how to breed for specific colors and fiber density, pretty much EVERYTHING I need on one website, instead of the 4 dozen or so I've been bouncing between.  I can't fathom how something so useful hasn't come up yet in any of the Google searches I've done over the past few months. 

Anywho, Boyfriend and I don't drive.  There's a methadone clinic not far from the bus stop near his job, and makes for some great people watching potential.  One of the clinic regulars has become a bit friendly with Boyfriend, "bus buddies" I guess.  He lives in a homeless shelter nearby, and they chat for most of the ride.  He seems to have a good sense of humor about his situation, one time advised Boyfriend "ya know, one of the dumbest things you could ever do is to start sniffing heroin in your 50's"  Yeah, I think he might be right about that, I hope to not find out for myself. 

Well, yesterday they were chatting as usual, and Boyfriend mentioned the alpacas and the move.  He said the guy's face lit up, "Oh, my brother's been doing that for years, he's about to retire and move to Virginia..." and proceeded to ramble on about alpacas for the rest of the bus ride home, scribbling down the URL in the process. 

So, I find a certain sense of surrealism in the fact that my absolute best business tip to date, for an agricultural business, came from an inner city recovering junkie.  I want to get his name and address before we go, send him a sweater made from my first shear, and name my first herdsire after him.  As it is, I told Boyfriend to buy him a pack of cigarettes to say thanks, don't really know what else to give him to thank him, this isn't exactly the sort of situations Judith Martin or Emily Post covered back in the day.




Around here, they wait in front of the Dunkin' Donuts and ask for coffee money, or bus fare, since one of the busier bus routes stops right in front of DD.   I'll walk out with extra coffees, I'll even pay someone's bus fare if they truly need it, but funny, when I offer to pay the bus fare instead of just giving them cash, I'm often turned down.  I've had enough friends go down the addiction road, been burned for cash by friends enough to know better.  But, I'm a big fan of paying it forward, someday I might need something, and I have.  I've been short bus fare, and strangers have kicked in the difference for me.  I've gotten to the register only to find my wallet missing, and a stranger bought my milk.  It goes around.


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

 Usually I see them on the corner close to a fast food place.  If that's where I'm headed, I order extra and drop it off.  I'm with you guys, no cash anymore.

 Here's why.  Daughter has friends.   Her friends always had money, but she didn't know where they worked.  One day she saw them sitting on a corner.

 Now, I know not all of them do that.

 The first time I gave money was when we first moved here.  I had never before been approached by anyone in my life.  I had exactly 4 quarters on me and I showed them what I had and they asked for one.  I gave it to them.  I figured if I was down on my luck, someone else could be too. 

 And then after getting a job soon after, I was approached again and I gave them a $5.  They were shocked and so grateful.  Not but 15 minutes later, I saw them again in the grocery store and they had bought lunchmeat and orange juice with that $5.

 I think what you did LadyC was great.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

i bet he really appreciated the smokes. when i am hit up at a stoplight by a homeless asking for money on the corner. i ask if they are hungry. then i go to the closest fast food drive thru, get a meal-deal of some sort, then back to that corner where the homeless person is still standing and hand over the bag of food, and a business card of the shelter i volunteer at if they/he/she need a shower or change of clothes. but never do i give cash.


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LOL, no, I didn't think cash would be a good idea, that's why I sent Boyfriend in with a pack of Marlboros, I had to say thanks somehow.


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

 Hey Lady C, that is great that you've come across such a great resource! Just a word of advice, if i may, the very last thing that i would recommend giving him is cold hard cash. it is such a trigger for any of us whom have had an addiction, and besides, the sweater is such a nice gesture!!jk

all i can say is! it is actually touching and goose-bump-on-my-arm raising!


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!

that is so beyond frikkin awesome LadyC. Its amazing what random strangers can tell you- some things useful, some not so much, but interesting all the same. It never hurts to treat people with respect, even though less fortunate than ourselves. Just like your boyfriend found out, they sometimes have much to offer!

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