All the pieces seem to fit into place

It's amazing to me, how after setback upon setback, things can finally turn around in a few short months. 

Boyfriend and I have been trying to escape Jersey for the past few years now.  A few weeks ago, we packed up our cats, rented a house for a week, and got to work.  Boyfriend set up a couple of job interviews, I started learning the area, choosing suitable neighborhoods to live in.  By Wednesday, he still had no luck in finding a job.  Even the Zippo factory wasn't hiring.  Wednesday afternoon, he picked up the phone book, and decided to start cold calling any alarm/security company within a 50 mile radius.  The FIRST place he called sounded extremely promising, and asked for a resume.  We promptly emailed it to him, and waited.  We didn't have to wait long, the guy called back the next morning.  After spending nearly an hour on the phone with him, Boyfriend announced that he had a job interview set up for Friday afternoon, at a nearby restaurant.  :D

He was hired on the spot.  It almost sounded like the owner of the company was just waiting for someone with his skill set and experience to fall into his lap.  He starts July 5.  I go back in a week to look for a house to rent.  Turns out that the woman we rented the house from while we were there also has several rental properties available for monthly leases, not just the cute little vacation house.

I'll be home soon.




Im so glad you guys found what you needed and things are looking brighter :)

Thanks.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, after losing my father and my best friend in under 5 months, I kind of needed a break from everyone and everything.  I guess it worked, I found my "reset switch" somehow, because I can finally function again. 

a while ago I had started wondering where you had gone off to, and was hoping nothing serious was causing problems.

Sounds like things are looking good... fingers crossed, I hope it continues to go well!

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