Annual Car Wash

Oh my goodness... I had an entire blog almost completed... and then POOF... yes... poof... gone... Firefox had died... D-E-D....  I wanted to cry... so sad....

Anyway... I washed my car this evening... so I should be good for the year... white catprints on my black car are too much to keep up with to wash it more than once a day/week/month... so I go for the yearly scrub... yeah... that was fun...  and an interesting sticker on the change machine 'due to inconsiderate thieving jerks, we will no longer give change after 6pm' ...... so let's just say it was a quick wash with the quarters I could gather up...

English was interesting today... over the past few classes we were watching the movie 'Snow White a Tale of Terror'... not exactly scary... but FAR more entertaining than the Disney version... and she fell in love with a 'dwarf'... but they weren't really a dwarf... but yeah... anyway... well today we had a debate on it, and I KICKED the other groups' HINEY!... I can argue with a fence, so it was to be expected... I had fun making them feel unprepared... simply because they didn't make the point they were originally going for... so basically my argument ended with 'and that is why she didn't deserve any of what the queen wrought, and your argument showed no evidence that she did, therefor was faulty and cannot support your claim' and BAM... we win.  I love that class.

You guys are probably starting to realize that I love to blog.

Shall I elaborate on why?

Alright... well my dream in life is to be a writer... granted I'm going to school for Computer Science, but that's because my logical self realized that I'll struggle through life if I decide to solely write... I love computers and plan to support myself with that until I finish a novel and make best sellers lists and such... anyway... back about two years ago I started writing Fanfics for my favorite anime series at the time, InuYasha. For those of you who don't know what a fanfic is, it's a fictional story written by a fan of a book, movie, show, or game... basically any other story... well I also have this issue of not wanting people I personally know reading what I've written.  And basically someone I knew found my stories and other writings and it made me uncomfortable so I stopped... I then continued on my computer with an encryption program (a wonderful one with no back doors and can't be hacked)... well said person then wanted my password.... so I deleted all my files... and have pent up writing energy... so what do I do? I blog... the trouble with myspace blogs is like I said before, I don't like people I personally know reading them because if I'm just hanging out with them and they bring it up, I feel awkward... so I keep those down to a bare minimum... and now that I'm here, I'm LOVING the blog feature... and will blog my heart out probably until Geek or Hubby whack me or someone I know finds it and brings it up... I know when I do actually start writing again and try to get published that I'll have to be the type to go under a pseudonym... probably AnimesTrinity lol... guess I should look into whether that's under copyright or not... don't think it is... we'll see... 

Anyway, that's a little more about me that might explain why you'll probably be seeing many blogs by me... I'll try to keep them somewhat entertaining for you guys... I always love entertaining people.

So do the rest of my bloggers have their comment settings now?! Should be fixed!

Oooh... another little easter egg for you guys who have uTorrent... go to Help... click About uTorrent... and when it opens the about box... press 'T' and WHOOSH! A classic game just for you!

So I have lots of stuff to do to prepare for my Spring Break vacay... one of those is ensuring I have enough toesocks to last me... stocking up on sunscreen so I don't tan... and finding a suitcase big enough to store a weeks worth of clothes (for 2 days), swimsuit, makeup (probably need it's own suitcase), hats, belts, chucks, flipflops, boots, hairdryer, flat iron, shampoo, conditioner, etc... , laptop, books, newspapers, CDs and boombox....  and watch... 90% of what I bring I won't even touch once I'm there... don't laugh... boyfriend is just as bad and will probably bring as much stuff (granted it won't be the same stuff)... I hope this all fits in the trunk... because I'm going to be sleepin in the backseat on the way down there lol... feet sticking out the window and all... just so ya know, sometimes it sucks to be tall ish... 

Thought I might inform everyone who doesn't care, that the San Antonio newspaper doesn't have personal ads... which sucks because I need to find them in order to write one of my papers for English... stupid Express News...

Also doing a small project on Pagan Cults... any input from anyone?

And as long as we're on topics of controversy... I think I'll share my political views (can we say hate mail?)... But before that, I think I want to ask a few questions... what does everyone think of Hillary Clinton running for President? What do you guys think of having a female president in general? I'll be sure to address my own views on this in my next blog, but I want to hear what you guys have to say first... lol, Boyfriend thinks I'm a feminist... hmm... 

And last but not least... I thought I'd share the most WONDERFUL sandwich I had today... not literally, but more in a recipe style... I don't cook... and don't really keep real food in my apartment... so anyway, I grabbed into my stash of mini bags of chips... pulled out my Lays Sour Cream and Onion flavored potato chips... thought to the Lays commercial I saw earlier this week... and *ding* idea struck... grabbed two slices of bread... and thought ranch would add a little moisture to the dryness of the bread and chips (mayo just didn't seem right for the sour cream and onion flavor)... put a tiny bit on both slices... stacked up my Lays chip mountain on once slice and smushed it down with the other... and VOILA! yummy sandwich... was sooooo good.... I was sad because I had to run to class after I was done but I still wanted another one... it was like 'awww... *tear*'

Okay, so more people need to start coming to my concert hall... I've actually been singing in there... I need a bigger audience! 

Alright, I'm going to go now... before it goes POOF again... remember... gimme some feedback on what your views on female Presidents and Hilary Clinton... very curious to hear what you have to say!




I rarely wash my car. I figure why bother, its a 1984 Ford Bronco, and all rusty in places. Washing it would just make it look worse. ;)


Throw the donkey a waffle. C'mon you know you want to... No? You hate donkeys, don't you?

 Reminds me of younger days, 2 jobs, waitressing at the NCO Club and the Officers Club.  What fun days!

And, you made a very good point about getting it out so it quits taking up space.  I love that! 


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

LMAO! Yes I know we have a Taj Mahal... I pass by it on a near daily basis (I drive by RAFB to get to the highway I need to get to school in the shortest amount of time...) And my uncle works there... not the Taj Mahal, but on Randolph... I was going to work there as a bartender at the Oclub, but I didn't want to wear the stupid uniform...

anyway, yeah... I thought I HAADDD to have a tangible paper of personal ads, but then I remembered this morning my professor saying internet ads were alright too... and we have PLENTY of those ( and such) so I appreciate the offer... but my brain reminded me that I'll be okay without lol... stupid brain needs to remember things faster...

As much as I love to write, I've never been a letter writer... which got me in a lot of trouble when Boyfriend was in Iraq... I still get grief from that... but it just was never me... I tried... but yeah... I feel weird when I read something I wrote 2 years ago, let alone 30.... I can't imagine how I would feel...

I think I'm going to start working on stories again... original ones... I have this one particular one in my head that's been there for a while... I just need to actually get it out of there so it stops taking up space...

As for Hillary... well I'll write another blog later and address my views on that... gotta give you guys somethin to read over the weekend since I won't be around lol! 


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

Hmm, I'm not a fan of Hilary me it's kinda odd for a woman to be commander in chief when she hasnt even served in the military, and I just don't think our country is ready for a woman leader. I soppose I'm more old fashioned in that I think it's a man's job. I'm sure all women's rights activists are having a hay day with her running, but I don't like it. Quite honestly I'm not a fan of any of the runners both democrats and republicans and I'm one hard conservative republican, I may just have to vote green party or something Foot in mouth

Miss Trinity, I love that you love to write.

You start going and can't stop. Unless of course someone comes along and whooshes you back into the physical world.

When I was 12, we moved to England. I would write letters all the time to my family back home, grandmas, uncles, etc. Five years ago, I found out from my uncle, that he had saved every letter I had written. He told me he couldn't throw them away and that he loved receiving them. It was kind of nice to read letters I had written almost 30 years prior. It was so easy for me to explain what was going on.

Whether or not I was a good or a bad writer, I don't know. All I know is that it is much easier for me to write than it is to talk. And as far as blogging, I decided I didn't want to do that at myspace. Here, I think I can. I was very hesitant at first. I'm still hesitating a little bit, because compliments embarrass me. And I am exactly the same as you, I don't want people I know to read what I write.

There is something about writing your feelings that makes me comfortable and I always encourage everyone to do so. It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. And for curious minds, such as mine, I love reading other peoples thoughts.

My husband has literally bugged me for years to write to publish. That scares me, why I do not know. I come up with some pretty good stories, mostly from my dreams and I relay those to him. I'm also an avid reader of Dean Koontz. Very fascinated by those types of stories that twist reality.

I also password word documents because, well, I'm the only one in the house that knows how to do it.

Now, as far as a woman for President. I say yes. But do I say yes to Hillory? I don't know the answer to that yet. But I can say, I think I would have preferred her to her husband. But that is hindsight talking and hindsight does not count. I am a registered Democrat, I did that to spite my parents (yes, I was a rebellious teen). I prefer not to base my voting privileges on Dem/Rep/Ind., but on the man (or woman if ever). I have to wonder though, if it would ever happen. I can only visualize a woman president being unable or unwilling to accept the set standards and laws just because it's always been done that way. I can't see a woman just being a puppet, any woman that made her way to the presidency, could not and probably would not just go along with things, she'd be making many a wave.  And I think some waves might do some good.

Chip sandwiches. Yes mam, done that. But, with the meat inside of it too. Was always a favorite picnic of our family's. Haven't tried just chips yet.

Personal Ads. Since San Antonio doesn't have it, could you possibly check some out online. I know we have a paper here, the Independent, that I could scan in some of those for you and forward them if you like. A new one just came out yesterday. If you'd like it, let me know.

Miss Trinity, blog on!


(I spent 2 weeks in San Antonio for computer training at Randolph AFB back in 1990 I believe)  Did you know they have a Taj Mahal?

I love Hillary running for president, and I can't wait to see  Hillary and Obama  bumper stickers. Obama is just a tad too young and inexperienced for president for me but would make a great VP. He is charismatic and energetic and has would bring some dignity to the job that it has lacked for the last several years. Hillary is intelligent, tough and experienced all of the things we want in a male President but make cavemen and republicans call her a beeeiotch. I think its time for America to have a woman run the show, I can tell you right now she can't do a worse job than a male cheerleader with a 2.38 GPA. Yes I am very partisan but you can't really argue with my logic unless you are one of the drones watching FOX news 24/7.

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