Another New Blogger? Holy Buckets!

At the behest of many, (ok, at the behest of one, who shall remain nameless) I have also just joined the ranks of the few, the proud, and the blogging. Well, I’ve posted a couple blogs on my MySpace before, but this is somehow different. Mostly in that these may actually get read by a couple of people… In these blogs, I can not promise or be responsible for truthfulness, level of interest, wittiness, originality, or lack thereof on all accounts.

But now what The Devil should I blog about? I’m certainly opinionated enough, articulate enough; Hell, I even have spell-check. (Spell-check that doesn’t even recognize “blog” as a word. Ah, wonderful…) However, I’m also lazy, uninspired, and unapologetically bland at times. So I agreed with this previously mentioned unnamed person, that I would indeed start a blog, but only if they would be so kind as to help me with some topics.

And then we ("we" being this other person) come to the fact that I’m a drunk. Maybe my first topic should be about booze! And why not? I know a thing or three about it. I make my living off of it. I’ve walked away from it for a period, only to come back when I felt it was time to indulge again. I’ve tried all kinds from every area of the world. So my first topic will be, (drum roll) “BEER”. Some of the best, some of the worst, my ever-so humble opinions about it, all that jazz and whatnot. I may even provide references in exchange that you pick up the tab. I plan on putting this together within the next few days. Be prepared, there will be a quiz afterward, at the local pub. I’d start writing at this moment, but I have to go out for a drink (seriously, I'm leaving right now)…




I was talking to my mom today, and she said she heard about this too.

Like LadyC said, some places have had it. My company is the distributor around here. I think its making news because they're going to do a big advertising push, or maybe they are going back to the original recipe? I'll have to read the link.

I tried it once, don't remember really being impressed...

Edit: Looks like I live in one of the test markets. So if it was gone, its been tested around here for a few months now, maybe since I've had this job.

Give it a week or 2, the college kids'll sober up long enough to actually taste it, and it won't be "trendy" for much longer.  Seriously foul stuff.   


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

isn't funny and interesting that it is now becoming the new "it" come back beer?!

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The Commander at Dad's VFW never stopped drinking it.  They keep it in stock at the bar just for him, nobody else will touch it. 


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

okay i read today that an iconic beer is making a come back. Schlitz! i remember growing up my uncles would bring cases to my dad because you could not find it out west. are you seeing it in your markets? stocking it?

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Well I've tasted more than my fair share of hundreds of different beers, but as an amateur only. My job is much less glamorous. I have an entry-level merchandising job with a distribution company. Hoping to work my way up the flowchart eventually.

I love beer, yeah I'm a lush on the weekends  lol Laughing

So what do you do exactly? Are you a beer taster or what?



"Dance with the devil and the devil doesn't change...the devil changes you...."

I know that they weren't telling the Bud guys anything about it. They heard first from people that saw it on the news. I haven't had much time to look more into it.

Also interesting: Miller and Coors (2 of many brands that my employer distributes- the biggest 2) are going to be the same company soon. And my company must be in good financial shape, I just read in a newsletter that we bought out a distibutor on the east coast of FL and and another one in Minn.

Hi 2na! I saw a news brief on CNN about this too... I'm not sure what to think about it. A-B is the King of the U.S. beer oligopolies, controlling nearly 50% of the market (followed by Miller, Molson-Coors, and Pabst, respectively). If the buy-out occurs, maybe the government will finally have the excuse to step in and tear down the oligopoly-controlled market. I can see the following headline a few days after the purchase:
Foreign Market Control Threatens U.S. Economic Interests, Congress Dethrones the King of Beers: Hops Connoisseurs Celebrate the Coming of Palatable Brews

I relish the thought.

so i read today that InBev want to purchase the makers of Bud, Anheuser-Busch, for $46b. that announcement alone sent a few beverage stocks climbing this afternoon before closing. have you heard anything similar on your route?

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

I tried pasting in a little animated gif, but its not working anymore...

 And here I thought I could stump you!  I have an empty bottle sitting on my shelf.  You are funny.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Arrogant Bastard? Hell yes! Problem is, they are impossible to get where I live. They are made by Stone Brewing in CA. I had a friend bring 2 back when he went to a wedding out west. Its been so long, I'd like to try one again; my tastes have changed since then. They pride themselves on being really bitter, among other things. After I tried it, I ordered a shirt online. I waited till i tried it, cause I didn't want to be a "beer poser". The only other thing I've had from Stone is Levitation Ale.


...and always a place for it in my belly. I'm going to get a Guinness now. All this beer talk has made me thirsty.

1. Hazed and Infused by the Rockies Brewing Company. Very tasty stuff. I knew at the first sip I would love that one for life...

2. I'd have to say Corona just on principle. But I can remember 2 beers I've tried but actually couldn't drink because they were so bad: The Beast, which was just too malty for me, even worse than some porters and barelywine. The other one, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, is a genuine German Smoke-beer. I'm not sure I could even taste it properly, because it smelled so bad. Kinda like a greasy bacon smell, put putrid. And smoky. I really tried, even holding my nose shut, but the second half went down the drain.

3. Hmmm... A lot of the beers I like tend to be more expensive... I'd take whats on sale. Any time you can get a 12-pack for a buck or two off its a good deal. Yuengling is fairly cheap and is a good beer. St Pauli Girl is a cheaper alternative to Becks, and its just as good. One of the things I noticed when I go out, is so many places have their "own special beer", but its really a major brand with a label special to the restaurant. One place I like to go, calls a beer "Parrot Pilsner", but its just Miller High Life. They have a "Lager" as well, and its really just a Bud product re-named. The point is, you can get these really cheap on a happy hour special, and get out w/ minimal damage to your wallet. Last week I got half-price nachos and four beers for like 8 bucks total... not bad for an evening of chilling w/ some buds and catching a baseball game that I couldn't have watched at home.

4. Currently, a pitiful selection. But since I generally don't drink a whole lot anymore, I just buy one kind at a time. I got two $5 almost-out-of-date cases of Guinness and Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale (not their best...) from my warehouse. For 5 bucks I'll "test" them for freshness. I think that's all that's left right now...

5. Its gotta be either Miller Lite, Coors Lite, or in some stores, Heineken. 

 I read what Tuna said and my first thought was that Coors Light will not skunk.  That's why we (used to) drink it.

 Devil?  Have you ever had an 'Arrogant Bastard' ?


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

1) Not my beer of choice. Actually, you won't find a light beer anywhere on my "top" list. But the company I work for does distribute it, its probably our second biggest brewer after Miller. I had one the other day tho, it tasted pretty much the same as all of the big name American lagers...

2) I drink Sam Adams at almost any available opportunity. Its one of my favs. My friend used to bartend at the place that had the best Sam's on tap in town. For some unknown reason it tasted better there... I always paid for one, but never drank only one, if you know what I mean.

3) You mean over a period of time? not really. Or just one really bad day after? Those are awful. It can take days for your body to feel better... I've drank myself sick before. I've drank myself sober before. I've drank so much that I didn't drink again for a week... but none of those are good things. That's way past the point of enjoyment and into something else instead.

I think a lot of that goes way back to what kind of beer was brewed for each particular season, and how long it took to do so. Like back before modern technology meant you could brew anything at anytime w/out climate or the elements working against you. That being said, on a hot afternoon, no beer goes down as nice and easy as a Hoegaarden, which is a Belgian wheat beer. Most summer beers tend to be wheat beers.

Beer Specialty stores, World Markets and Total Wine and Spirits are great because you can "Make your own 6-pack", the best way to try out a new beer.

in today's paper, world market is advertising "beers of the world" and "summer time mix." they ad reads that certain brews are better in the warm weather. any truth or just marketing techniques?

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  Hi Guys, if you ask any of the drinkers in this family, you will get an absolute  affirmation that cold beer that gets warm and then cold again goes to skunk. My husband, daughters, neighbors, friends here on GuG,and hell, even the devil himself, and i guess everyone except and myself, imbibe. I did drink during one lifetime and that is how i can professionally testify on Devil's knowledge of skunkdom and all other truths about alcohol. Now Devil, my questions to you are these;1) Am i right in assessing coors lite to be your beer of choice? 2) Have you had the opportunity to drink Samuel Adams until you woke up in the bathtub? 3) Have you ever made the journey through a  savage alcohol detox? I'll be patiently awaiting your reply...juliek 

Beer that is cold should, from I know, stay cold. But here's a little secret: The Coors Light we get is cold from the brewer. It stays cold in our warehouse. Then it goes to Publix (or wherever) and sits in the backroom, hotter than regular room temp. Then it eventually makes it to the cooler shelf where the buyer picks it up. So out goes that theory. If you drink Coors Light, and ever get one thats "always" been cold, your're lucky.

They say beer that goes from cold to warm and then cold again can get "skunky". I've never tested this theory to be sure. If its a cheap beer, chances are you won't really notice the difference after a couple anyway...

Black and Tan is some awesome stuff. The regular Yuengling is my preference of the two. They also make a Porter that I don't remember trying. And a Light, but what's the fun in that? 

Ah, a man after my own heart... good ole' alcohol. Ahhh.... always a place in my heart for it. 

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

Enjoy your beer, my Devil friend.  I'll clink my wine (beer and I decided to end our relationship a few years ago, it's for the best), and wish I could take a sip of Boyfriend's delicious looking Yuengling Black & Tan.  Ahhhh, the good old days.  Enjoy. 


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coolness! i want the beer myths dispelled. if i buy it chilled, can i take it home an put it in my pantry? or does it need to be/remain chilled?


p.s. i certainly do not think you are a drunk my friend [And then we ("we" being this other person) come to the fact that I’m a drunk.] - - you have a great deal of knowledge on this subject and it makes for great conversation!

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

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