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So finally after waiting impatiently after 2 weeks almost 3 Ive finally got in punkys new car seat! Its an evenflo titan and it dark navy blue. Many cool features like a cup and snack holder(yes hes a snackin man!) and memory foam and also it passed a fedreal crash test of times 2 the normal! I had to have it! Stylin and profilin! oh and the best safe! Im so happy he has his big boy seat now he can look out the window! Ive also read a lot of good reviews and guides about this seat and how it has saved many a child and how its very functional. Im in love with adn so is he! As soon as I got the straps adjusted and to fit him i put him in it and strapped him in. Oh man he must love it because he let out a huge squell and smiled so big and cheesy! So heres the photograph of it! LOL! Yes I know hes a goof troop and yes hes cute and hes all mine! <3

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Too cute! 



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How cute is he!! I just thought I would pop in here and suggest what i have been doing with all of my kids' items since they were little. I sugned up for a monthly newsletter of safety recalls through the Us Consumer Safety commission's website. They have a monthly list that is sent out and you can filter what types of items you want to know about. It's how I learned that my sons car seat was recalled and with my receipt I got a new *updated* one.. free :)

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Agreed! My b/f said why not get one off of ebay. I thought hes got to be kidding! I dont know if its been in a wreck before! Good idea on cutting the straps.


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no way, you sound SMART! and what a lucky cutie you have there! 

this is a great thread and I want to mention that if anyone belongs to a "moms club" or parenting group, you can get people to come do presentations and talk about the proper way to install seats and the dangers of putting kids in the wrong size seats, etc. And NEVER buy a used seat! Once it has been in any sort of accident or fender bender, they are considered useless. And how do you know if they were or not? So when you toss out your car seats (like I just did yesterday!) make sure to cut the straps so dumpster divers don't try to take them.

BTW, my girlfriend was rear-ended and her insurance company bought her a brand new Britax. She even upgraded from her current Britax! Keep that in mind...they are considered dangerous no matter how small the accident.





omg - gtfo! here, our firemen are calendar worthy!


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Thanks so much:) His father seems to think Im to protective and paranoid but I think im doing the right thing and prtotecting him from bad things happening like most mother are supposed to do..


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what a beautiful child - he is very lucky to have you as his mum, you should be so proud of yourself for taking such great care of that little bundle of fun. all mums should be so thorough in their research.  x





OH GROSS FIREMAN! YUCKY YUCK! My Dad is the asst chief! lol.. So when people say things about firemen I cringe lol.. Here you have to go to the sheriffs office.. Our firemen are tards lol.. No ofeense dad not you!


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way adorable. love the chubby thighs! oh, keep in mind that any local fire department will gladly show you how to properly install the car seat. did i mention firemen? *wink* maybe i'll buy a car seat just to have around!


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Thanks! Yes you have to keep up to date on that stuff!


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