For the Birds!

So these are the geese I have mentioned in a few threads. Every day, twice a day (breakfast and dinner) thousands of them, well hundreds probably, fly by my home. I know. Big deal. To me however, I have never seen anything like it in my life, except in Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds." This is like that. There are also a group of smaller birds that do the same thing. Sparrows maybe? Not sure. But the geese have me intrigued. I'm over the point where I had to run out side every time I would hear them and stair & point upwards. I think that amused if not scared my neighbors! But everyday twice a day I look out back when they land and I see down comforters, pillows, coats, and with a little garlic & pepper, maybe a white sauce.......dinner!

I don' t know if they are Canadian Geese or Black, or what they truly are besides beautiful and loud. When they fly in and land, the formation rivals that of the elite Blue Angels. Their wings are aligned perfectly, they all land at the precise same time, just perfectly as if they are putting on their own air show.

Anyone else have these in your area?




.....poof! they're gone. everyday since i moved in the geese, hundreds of them, are out back enjoying the farm fields. this morning they are gone. yesterday actually, they had one hel! of a time staying grounded as the farmer began to prepare his fields for crops. not sure what grows here in the winter, but farmer john is busy at it this morning. as soon as the flurries stopped, he was out there with steam rolling & pouring off of the fresh hot mushroom smelling soil!

wonder if he is planting anything the geese will like?!


We have these everywhere here. We would stand on the playgrounds and watch them fly over us. The kids think it is fantastic. One of my staff asked me about the formation because I have one of those memories that retains way too much stuff after hearing it just once. So I researched it and this is what is so neat about geese. We have used this as the basis for our agency for the last two years and every year we have a huge party to thank the staff "for flying with us."

Hence the colloquial expression, "Sh*tting like a goose"

lol, yes do not feed the seagulls.  they are plenty of them at all times around here.  they're pesky, gutsy, mean things.

flying rats?  that's what we call the NYC pigeons.  ick. ick. ick.

as for the geese, yeah get used to them. they're pesky too.



"Listening to you I get the music.  Gazing at you I get the heat... From you I get the story..."

See... this is EXACTLY why we need to crack down on illegal immigration!


They'll likely leave you're pool alone, you see them more around larger bodies of water, city park ponds, riverbanks.  I don't think they ever leave, but there do seem to be more of them this time of year. 

Not sure about the small birds, could be sparrows, finch, just about anything.

Seagulls.  You mean flying rats?  Yeah, they can be pretty far inland.  I've seen one take a hot dog right off a barbecue grill!  Do NOT feed them, they'll swarm you and crap all over you. 


"If it suddenly ended tomorrow, I could somehow adjust to the fall
Good times and riches and son of a beeeiotches, I've seen more than I can recall"

OMG - - it's for real!


oh lord! you're not kidding me, are you? here i am in "awe" and running to the nearest window when i hear them and soon, when the weather is nice and we're outdoors - - we'll be deep in sh!t?  do they like water? my pool is covered. i wonder what they will do, if anything, when summer is here and it's uncovered? or, do they go back to canada when it is warmer?

what about the thousands of small birds that fly one way in the AM and return in the PM? sparrows? because they are at least a mile long across the sky. never have seen anything like it.

oh, and i believe it was seagulls in the acme parking lot a few days ago. why would they be inland like this?



Oh, you make me laugh!!!  Those are Canadian Geese.  They are the bane of most lawn-owner's existence around here.  Office parks PAY people with dogs to chase them away.  If you see lawns with little black silhouettes of dogs, it's to keep the geese off.  They're noisy, they're filthy, and they poop green, so you can't see it until you step in it. 


"If it suddenly ended tomorrow, I could somehow adjust to the fall
Good times and riches and son of a beeeiotches, I've seen more than I can recall"

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