Can't you smell that smell?

I had some errands to run earlier, and stopped at CVS.  I usually use Burt's Bees lip balm through the colder, windier weather, and it was time to pick up more.  On a whim, I picked up their new "honey" flavor instead of the tried and true regular one.  I got home, and tried it on, so to speak.  The fragrance was so familiar, but I couldn't quite place it.  It doesn't taste or smell much like honey at all, but what is that aroma?  So familiar, a memory tugging at the edge of my mind, then hiding when i try to bring it out. 

First I started sniffing the tube itself, but, no, the memory was still hiding.  I rubbed the back of my hand over my lips and started sniffing the back of my hand, but still, it wasn't quite there.  I spent almost an hour doing this, it was driving me insane.  Finally, I emailed my sister, who also uses Burt's Bees products, in the hopes that she's tried this one, too.  How odd, and email asking "What does this smell like?" 

"Close your eyes, and start putting your saxophone together in your mind," was her reply.  She's weird like that, but ok, so I started thinking about my old sax, sitting in my crawlspace.  My lease actually has a "no musical instruments" clause, swear it.  Dunno what happened a few tenants back..... Anywho...  I remember how cold the brass would feel right out of the case this time of year, no matter how warm the room was.  Out comes the smaller neck, slip into place, tighten it up.  Pick up the mouthpiece, a reed and... CORK GREASE out of the smaller section....Got it!!!  My new lip balm smells like cork grease.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, and I can rest, now that I've placed it.  My sister played the clarinet, so she used loads of it, as well. 

The cork grease scented lip balm got me missing my sax.  And really, really looking forward to moving.  Remember, I have a good friend that already lives out there.  She has 4 kids.  One of her daughters got to choose musical instruments this year, and guess what she picked?  I love her, I really do, and can't wait to actually be up there, where I won't have a stupid "no musical instruments" clause, AND I'll have someone to teach.  She's already called me a few times and put her daughter on the phone to ask questions, or to ask "is that noise normal?"  Try tuning a sax, or any instrument, for that matter, over the phone. 

I can't get out of this city, no, this state, soon enough, I swear.  But, we're getting there.  I think Spring or so, we'll be ready.



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