I'm always up late and unable to sleep so I occasionally wonder into chat rooms just to see what people have to say. And I was thinking, the other night, it would be the perfect place to do a psychological experiment. Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a psych. major, but I find it interesting what some people turn into when they enter a chat room. The amount of people that come in just to insult others or clog up the room with 'spam' is ridiculous. I wonder what has to be lacking in someone's life that they jab at complete strangers and insult them to the very core. Yet the same people might be the most shy people you could meet in person. I could understand if they were teenagers, but some of these folks are fully grown and should know better. But yeah... I think it would be an awesome social experiment to research some of these 'chat room attackers' lives. Maybe that's just me. I tend to analyze things way too much. :P





 I find the best way to deal with such people is just to ignore them. They'll get bored of no one responding and they'll close out. OR you can always POOG them out of there!



The Truth Is Out There. Trust No One! Deny Everything!

You're upsetting me....on several levels.

OMG Stevie, that just cracked me up.. but i agree I think people feel free to say what they want when they're hiding behind a computer screen.


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

Its the anonymity factor that lets people express randon aggression.  It's fun! I like to pop in, name myself Eric Cartman, call everyone turds and then leave.

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