Can the child within my heart rise above?

Extremes.  The very day my nephew came into the world, his namesake and grandfather, my Dad, entered Hospice care. 

Dad's been declining steadily, and this past week or so has been horrible for him.  This past Thursday, my brother in law (a Registered Nurse, thank the Gods, he's been staying w/my parents since it's closer to the hospital my Sis has been in for 2 months) woke up to find my father experiencing what appeared to be a stroke.  Right side numbness and weakness, however, it didn't reach his face, which would be typical for a stroke.  911 was called, and my Dad was brought to the ER in the same hospital my sister has been in.  They determined it was an adverse reaction to the new pain med he'd been given earlier that week, and was basically being kept in a holding pattern until Monday, when he could be transferred to his regular hospital where his Oncologist is. 

Well, Dad's never been an exceptionally patient man, and decided on Saturday that he didn't like it there, and wanted to go home for the remainder of the Holiday weekend, then sign himself into his Cancer Center on Monday.  Not exactly the best of plans under normal circumstances, but considering they hadn't even bothered to replace his bag of fluids for over 24 hours and just left him there dehydrating, I understood why.  So, Saturday he went home and got settled in on the couch for the remainder of the weekend.

Monday morning, around 3am, Dad called my BIL on his cell phone to ask for help moving himself into a more comfortable position on the couch.  He also administered 2 Dilaudid.  By 8am, BIL couldn't wake Dad.  He didn't think too much of it, after all, Dad had been up at 3 w/severe pain, so he left a note for Mom, and went to go visit his wife.  Around 10am, Mom called, said she had called a transport service to take Dad to the Cancer Center, and that he was really out of it, groggy, not making sense.  We think he took an extra dose of Dilaudid after BIL gave him the dose around 3am, but we're not positive.  Dad sat in their emergency room waiting for a bed from 11am on Monday until around 1am on Tuesday.  The ER was so crowded, the only non-patients allowed in were parents of minor patients, so neither Mom nor I could wait with him for a room.

While all this was going on with Dad, we got the call about my sister having the baby w/in a day.

Dad finally got settled into a room, and spoke to his Oncologist, a few Social Workers, and whomever else, and decided that his best course of action right now is hospice care.  They've lost the fight against the cancer, it's too far spread to treat, so now the only thing left is to keep him out of as much pain as possible.  Yesterday afternoon, he was transferred to the hospital's hospice facility.  The plan is to get his pain under control, send a crew over to assess their house, decide what medical equipment he'll need, and bring him home in a week or so, so he can die in the house he spent most of his life working for and on.

I am pleading with the Gods to allow him to make it home, if for no other reason than that my sister deserves a picture of him holding her son, his only grandchild.





Thanks, everyone, it's been a rough buncha weeks, and your kindness means a lot. 

It's silly, but I almost feel like I'm being forced to trade a father for a nephew.  Why can't I have both?


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

Oh Lady C!  I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about your father.  Two of my uncles went through the very same thing ... one with cancer, the other with a severe heart condition.  My heart weeps for you, and your family is in my thoughts.  ~hugs~


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Oh Lady C.  I don't know what to say.  You and your family are in my thoughts. 

Im soo sorry LC... I cant imagine what you are going through.. my thoughts and prayers are with you.. =(

.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

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