O Concert Hall How I Missed Thee

So not only do I get my VERY OWN BLOOOGGGG... My concert hall is back as well!!!

Oh my I missed the old chatroom so very very much... I started to tear up when I clicked to see it was BACK! Now I just have to wait for the old gang to get back... although Abra won't be there anymore... that's okay though.

*Side note: anyone notice how Firefox 2.0.* doesn't list okay as being a word? or ok? just kind of annoyed by that*


Well since this is public, I'ma keep my mouth shut about my recent crisis... (and here I wanted to talk about how GuG helped me through it all)... maybe I'll chat about it in my... err... GuG's chatroom...


Guys want to know somethin' interesting? Boyfriend and Abra will soon be working in the same building... Abra for training, and boyfriend for work... small world huh? Shhh... Heheh...

Okay... so here's a few things I've come across over the past few weeks or so (not computer related fyi)

The band KISSCHASY... from Australia... they ROOCCKKK (I recommend you check out their myspace... you won't be finding their album in your local Best Buy unless you live in Australia... so good luck)

One of my old fave bands 'Simon and Milo', yeah, I discovered that they are now ProzzaK (and have been for a long time) ... funny since I had heard of ProzzaK but never listened to them (mostly other bands doing cover songs of them such as Pettit Project performing 'Pretty Girls Make Me Nervous')... and when I came across their myspace page, I was like 'I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!'... so my old fave band didn't fall off the face of the earth after all... they're kinda satirical pop music... mostly simon making fun of his love life... I like it a lot... got a flash player with some of my fave songs on my myspace if you want to check them out

Great anime called Death Note.... about a kid (genius boy transitioning from highschool to college) who finds a notebook called a Death Note... and whomever's name you write in it, they die... well the kid starts writing criminals' names in it and people start to notice the trend... the police get involved and try to catch the person killing these people... and the chief of police is the kids father... that's just the gist of the beginning of it... it gets way more complex as it goes along (a girl finds a death note as well and is trying to help the other kid even though she doesn't know who he is... later she falls in love with him... that and the police suspect the main character dun dun dunn) it's also the first anime to be running in Japan and available for download for the US (subtitled) at the same time....

And last but not least, Avril Lavigne has a new song/video 'Girlfriend'... I'm very disappointed... I like the song and all, but it's just not her... I think she's back to having someone else write for her... it's very POP... something like Pink would sing... and I really really don't like her with platinum blonde hair... it's just weird... she even dresses like Pink might in her video... and even worse... choreography performed by Avril herself... very VERY unlike her... but whatever... it's catchy.... check it on Youtube....

Oh OOH! I almost forgot... I just thought I'd let everyone know... I was over Anna Nicole the day she died... I was so annoyed with that trial... and even now... people are hushing me when someone babbles on about her funeral.... I DON'T CARE... and worse, now they're trying to do something about moving the one son's body or something? I dunno, but this is getting ridiculous... it's done... it's over with... let it be.

Now that I've gotten all of that off my chest... It's time for me to wander my hiney back over to the chatroom... WHOO!




On my own planet... keep off... no visitors.

LMAO at you girl! Move over, I'm moving in. Tongue out



If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Yeah the site I use is in jap with eng subs.

OMG you get a gold star from me!!!! yay... OMG.. why is it that finding a new anime website always means spending about 100 in cdrs? OMG im in heaven.. watching and downloading anime.. at work.. this cant be good.. but omg for almost two days now i have not accomplished anything.. but THANKS SSSOOOOOOOOOO much... I dont care if its slow.. as long as I get it!

.:a happy MONSTRE:.

>>>I was over Anna Nicole the day she died

I recently got in trouble over this, but...


"A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

lol MIDORI NO HIBI, is really cute and funny..
all about the little signs people throw at you and how people keep should be more open with their feelings and a type romance thing... in a bizarre form. You should watch it.. Im not promoting it or anything (or else the geek may wack me.. lol j/k) its just very cute and I almost cried.. .:I know GASP:.

Ive also watched other anime like ultra maniac, fancy lala, and some others I cant remember the names of right now.. BUT MY FAVOURITE MANGA/ ANIME of all time is: KAIKAN PHRASE lol

but yeah we should talk about anime ANime soon.. woot!

Heheh, well rather than reply individually with the same info, I figure I'll just a special comment...

Death Note is LEGALLY downloadable... you can download it via torrent (best one with most seeders I found for this is torrentreactor.net)... basically in airs in Japan every Tuesday... and is usually downloadable by then... BUT torrentreactor.net doesn't do a whole lot of info on it, so I usually wait because they are FANSUBS meaning, not professionally subtitled... basically you have to download and HOPE you got the english one if you get from torrentreactor... so I usually try to wait till Wednesday or Thursday to download. Tuesday is usually a raw copy so it's not subbed... beware of French, German, and Spanish subs... not many deathnote torrents specify the subbed language. Generally speaking, the one with the most seeders is the safest (just make sure it's not labeled raw)

And I feel for you guys with the whole Anna thing... I only pass by a TV for about a half hour a day if EVEN... so those of you who actually watch TV on a regular basis, I'm sure you're more sick of it all than me.

MONSTRE! No I have not seen Midori no Hibi (Midori Days? Green Days?... GREEN DAY I LOVE THEM LOL!) anyway... yeah I used to refer to boyfriend as Houshi for a while (I had a dream he was a monk for some reason... and he's relatively perverted... which reminded me of Miroku from InuYasha... who they called Houshi (monk) a lot... lol) and used to call people Bakas for a while... but people looked at me funny so I stopped because I wanted them to KNOW I was insulting them lol.... no fun otherwise...

and I have never gone to anime-eden.com... I might check that out


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

The best site I have found for all your anime needs and wants includeing Death-Note is http://www.anime-eden.com
a friend suggested it to me and I love it there is a free section and a section for "paid members" I am content with the free section but yeah everything is downloadable sometimes its kinda slow due to there servers but all in all its a great place. I hope yall find this site usefull.

(P.S) Sorry about the spelling and grammer it's still kinda early for me. X_x

Where can I get this Death nOte...? I <3 watching anime. funny sidenote.. I will randomly say one or two words in Japanese when annoyed, usually along the lines of BAKA.. or such.

 anyway... Ana is Dead... let the girl be in peace. SO she was blond and volumptious...:pooh:. ..

 Hey Anime have u ever seen MIDORI NO HIBI? I just finished it and OMG it was adorable.. .:Monstre:.

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