Daylight Saving: Rant II

...i still fricken hate it. This time I mean it. It has been five days. 5. Sleep is off like you can't imagine. No sleep makes 2na a real itchBa. *shocker!* My internal everything is off. Today I miss a hair appointment, of which I have been looking forward to. I blame 'Daylight Saving' program for this! So when the phone rings as I am about to step into the shower, after my workout which itself was a huge ef'ing motivational issue......[back to the phone thing] it was my stylist. So after I made many attempts to assure her I am not a 'hair flake,' she gives me time to shower & haul assss down there. I arrive. Feeling a bit itchBa-ish. "Off with it," I said. "Wait," I plea. How about a color change. Dark. Like my natural. Find my natural and make it all dark." A gutsy move while feeling not so quite myself. 20 minutes later I am under the dryer as my color sets....flipping through style books. "Off with it,"......really this time. How about this one? Or this. Maybe that? Do you think I could pull this off?" And so color, snips, and many style products later.....I am sportin' what I call my ef'ing daylight saving time look. I just love it!

Peeee Esssss: I haven't even ranted about the 3-hour time difference between me and my friends in the west. That is a whole other Blog rant waiting to happen! 




you're right. i just felt like b!tching about it once more ;)

i'm learning to deal.


I'm sorry daylight savings stresses you out so bad. You'll get used to it.

i can't imagine a savings if it means people can work longer. there must be some type of energy used and wasted due to longer hours.


I enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evening, but the transition can take a bit of time, especially for a newbie like you. I dont know why we still insist on this silly little dance. How much electricity are we really saving, if that indeed was the purpose. 

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