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Anyone want to come hang out at my place?  Feel free, everyone else has.  Don't forget to bring some beer and extra cigarettes.  Music?  Sure, come on down, we've got a great selection!  There's also cable and DVD's galore.  Not to mention some Grand Theft Auto and old school Tekken.  Hmm...maybe if I didn't have all this stuff and only kept a collection of chick flicks, this wouldn't be an issue. 

I should probably start at the beginning.  Well, after a very looong day yesterday, I come home only to be disturbed 10 minutes later by the doorbell.  It was a few of my friends just 'stopping by'.  Well, almost 24 hours later, they're still here!!!  I was in the chat room complaining about it all last night.  And apparently me not hanging out with them didn't deter them.  Instead they took to making fun of my online habits and eating all my yummy chocolate chip cookies.  And anyone who knows me knows never, ever to touch my chocolate chip cookies!  Mine, mine, mine, mine. So mad lol.  Oh, not to mention going thru my pictures and telling me what's wrong with all the guys I've ever dated.  Did I mention these friends are all men?  They want to protect me from the world but right now I need protecting from how annoying they're being.  I mean they all have homes.  I told them I had a headache.  They handed me some Advil.  I told them I wanted to be alone.  They said- "Okay"  then turned around and put on a movie.

I spent the entire morning on the phone trying to reconfigure my wireless router.  Ugh.  You know what I hate?  Those customer service messages when you're on hold.  Ya know, the ones that say- "You're a highly valued customer and your call is very important to us.  It should just be another minute".  Why not just tell me the truth instead of getting my hopes up? - "You're a very mediocre customer and your call is only moderately important so you'll be waiting a VERY long time."  I was on hold for a good 20 minutes.  Grr.  And, even then, they were just partying it up.  The most I can say is that at least I got a yummy brunch made up for me.  I mean, mostly with my food.  And just now one of them burned a nice little hole in my pillow.  I am losing patience. 

Anyhow, I just needed to vent a bit.  I actually really love my friends which is why I haven't lost it yet.  But, if I don't make it into chat, it's because I killed them all and am making up a vat of acid to dispose of the body parts.  lol




Haha missb.  If we start to b!tch about everyone that will be one helluva long night.  We'll start at construction sites and work our way to military bases.   Heh.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

Oh you poor thing...but hey, my turn is coming, I promise I'll bring gallons of wine and cigarettes, and we'll beeeiotch about everyone all night


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

It was a looong weekend.  Well at least I had some eye candy.   My friends are HOT.  Lol.  Don't think I'll be wanting to see them anytime soon though.  Geez.  They finally left yesterday and I promptly went out, got the haircut I couldn't get on Saturday because I was tryin to be a good hostess (failed miserably as I was on GUG the whole time, heh), met up with another friend, and stayed out way too late for a Sunday.  I'm not leaving my apt. this week and NO ONE is allowed in.  Well, unless they bring me some cookies.  Or look like Jim Sturgess.  Or Johnny Depp.  Whichever.

I need a nap.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

I've never been one to show up at someones place unannounced. Even my ex, I would always call and make sure its ok to come by, its just a matter of respect for me. I'm all about hanging out and having a good time trust me, but you do have to draw the line sometimes. Whats really shitty is not leaving after you're asked....that takes some stones.

I love all my friends and I'd take a bullet for any of them, but if I felt that they were taking advantage or just being an bottom-meany-roonie I'd have something to say about it. If you want to be left alone Wondy, be assertive and let them know whats what in your own place. Make them humble!

 Sounds like you had a weekend as great as But I'm a total beeotch, I would've flat ouit kicked their a$$es out. I would have said, "Listen a$$holes, I'm PMSing and you have 5 minutes to get the eff out of my house, before I shoot all of you in the groin for eating my damn cookies!" But I'm thinking on PMS mode right now, so maybe that is just a bit harsh.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

ugh! that's a tough call for most. not for me. i enjoy the "me" time i get once in a while. and i certainly do not do "drop in's," period. i don't care if you're my parents. i want need  require warning...i don't care if it is 5 minutes. i require a heads up so i can mentally prepare for those about to desend upon my space. yea. that's about it. oh and if someone shows up on my doorstep, after i screen them on the security camera, i just pretend they're not there. *it's a little known fact about me called beeeiotchism*

so, are your drop-ins still invading?

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 I still want pictures MIW... Get 'em drunk so you can get your camera back :)


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ouch forgot about the morning after.  could turn into weekend guests! hah!

I thought of it first trinity!

---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

heyyy that was my idea!


Poor wonder. Just get them so drunk they pass out, then drag them out to the curb.

---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

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