Details on the wedding...

I'm broke.  No, not broke. Just being cheap.  I have to be.  Hubby-to-be and I need to save money for a downpayment of our own house.  (We live with his family, which even though we pay the bills, they won't go off on their own paths.)  That means no big wedding.  We set the date.  Jan 16th, 2009.  A Friday.  We're going to get married at the courthouse.  Dude, it's $50, not including the marriage license.  Yes, I know.  Cheap.  But come on, own house vs. big wedding.  I choose own house.  :)  On Saturday, Jan 17th, we will have a party at my mom's house.  It probably will turn out bigger than I expect.  Nothing big.  Just dinner and some dancing. 

Now, before you guys shake your head no, let me add that I will be getting my ring. (No, don't have it yet either) and I will have a nice dress.  I already been busy looking on the different bridal store websites.  I'm excited.  No, it's not my huge wedding that, in the bottom of my heart, I want.   But money is reality. 




 LBL, Don't you be worrying 'bout no big wedding to do! Courthouse sounds just fine to me, especially if that hard earned money is being put away for a HOUSE

 Are you kidding me? Do what you need to do now and then on your 25th wedding anniversary have the wedding you dream about! I'm excited for you!!!...juliek

Burn, Stevie, burn.... lol good one, LadyC!





Stevie, I don't remember inviting you to my wedding, but now I know, you were the dude in the first row...


"I flipped my channel back to CNN and I lit another cigarette"

LMAO  oh geez... I'm going to share this with Hubby-to-be




How can you consider starting out your marital bliss without a $30,000 production where families from both sides wrestle over who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids beeeiotching behind your back about the hideous dresses they have to wear, the drunk best man who pukes right before he's supposed to escort your jealous premenstrual maid of honor to the front, the husband's bachelor party where he caught chlamydia from a stripper and gives it to you the next night, the preacher who forgets your names, and the man who nobody knows that's sitting in the front row farting and laughing.

Yeah... the courthouse sounds pretty good.

quite a few couples are selecting "home-ownership" over wedding debt. jump on that bandwagon as well  and you will increase your net worth with a simple "i do,"....happily ever after!

congratulations and we will be expecting pics of both.




This is hard...I like them both. I think it all depends on how big your boobies are and how much clevage you want to show. The one on the right is a sexier look. The one on the left looks like a bit more classy traditional. I think they both will compliment your shape.  However, I think the ribbed look on the right slims the waistline a bit more.....oh man I'm too indecisive.


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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

That's not a bad thing at all! I mean, you can always get legally married now and then plan (and save) for a wedding later, if you really wanted to. If I were you, I would've also chosen the house. Good luck with everything!

If you don't mind me saying but the one on the right shapes the body better. The left one makes her look like she has a short torso. Yes, I modeled years back and you should always stick to the one that gives lift (boobies) and the right one looks like she has better posture.

Congrats. It doesn't matter how you get married but that you two are already looking to secure your future. There will always be your tenth year, twentieth and so on do do up a big wedding. I married my husband three times already, it wasn't a renewal of vows but actual weddings. I wish happiness to both of you.

I'm all for the courthouse route!  My hubby and I almost did that but ended up having a small ceremony at home.  We loved it and it didn't break the bank.  Both families chipped in to help...they each made light hors de'overs and brought serving dishes/utensils; my parents have a green thumb so they brought plants from their house...we did the ceremony in our front yard under a $9.99 arch from Michael's (decorated with plants from parents' house).  Cake - get this - $25 from Bruno's.  The $$$ we saved from the wedding went into rennovations for the house.  So I can relate to "own house vs big wedding."

Courthouse = less stress and less planning too!  Congrats again!  LOL no bunnies carrying the rings for your wedding?  =)

Stunning. You will look beautiful in either one.

 I think it's good that you're playing it smart and aiming for the house as opposed to a huge wedding. I would do the same. And by the way, those dresses are gorgeous.


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Being pragmatic is the way to go especially now that we are experiencing worldwide economic crisis.


Anyhow, hunny bunny, I'm happy you found your wonderland. Hugs hugs hugs...


That's the one I was aiming for.. :) 



Oh oh oh.... I choose the one on the left. But both are BEAUTIFUL!

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Thanks for your comments, y'all! I feel more at ease...


Here are some choices of the dress I might get... they're really similar but different at the same time...







Congratulations! The only thing that matters is that you are both happy and stress free and Love each other unconditionally.  This is the beginning of more years of happiness together.  Look at it this way; you can always have a wedding when you want to renew your vows at maybe 5, 10, or twenty years from now.  You both are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work!


.......Cherish today as if it were your last!

I bypassed a ring. I already owned a house that I bought when I was 18, got married at 19. Wanted the cash to go to my house instead. In my opinion, a house is a lifetime investment. A wedding is 1 day.

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

Do what you want... that's all that matters :)


As someone going through the same thing, I have to say, you are making a good choice. If it is what you want then don't let anyone tell you differently. After watching my sister and causin plan their weddings this year I realized people make weddings a lot harder than they need to be. People who shouldn't butt in do, people who always complain will, and in the end the only people that matter are the ones pledging their lives to each other. I am rambling sorry. You can have a beautiful wedding at the courthouse, and a small party with people you care about will be a nice way to celebrate your commitment.

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