Did Ya Miss Me??

So... I know I went MIA for the past week and then some... I've been moving...

Now I'm in the middle of nowhere... no Las Palapas down the road, no Jims cheese soup at 2AM, no more Jack in the Box... but on the other hand I just discovered Snickerdoodle Ice Cream and I think I'm in love...

Did I mention the fact that I can't understand ANYONE in this state???? Southern accents = confused Anime... I know I'm from Texas... but I don't know anyone with this accent... I lived in a city... worst case, they spoke slow... or had a light accent... not like this....

So after spending nearly 24 hours in a truck with a very unhappy cat (poor thing would hardly move, wouldn't eat or drink anything... wouldn't 'go'... and when I tried to let him out of the truck to stretch and move around outside, I think he thought we were going to leave him because he crawled up on my shoulder and dug his claws in...) I'm here... boxes still everywhere... but we've been trying to get situated... he went back to work today so I have a little free computer time to explain my absence.

*shrugs* I don't have any real opinions yet... except I have to drive a lot further to find stores I frequent...

Boo is kinda... confused I guess... he hides under the bed a lot... I can't tell if he's still scared and confused, or if he's just not liking Boyfriend... it's funny, Boo allows him to feed him ice cream and pet him here and again, but then stays away from him the other 90% of the day... and now that Boyfriend is at work, Boo is out and about.. pretty much his normal self... lol... I guess he'll get used to him... it takes a while for Boo to like people.

Okay... so back to the ice cream... if you haven't had it before, go get some... Blue Bell Snickerdoodle Ice Cream... IT. IS. AWESOME. OMNOMNOMNOM

Other than that, all is pretty well... I'll be catching up a bit over the next week or so I guess... a little bit at a time :)




No... ugh, turns out I still need another credit hour (just ONE) in a math (only available in 4 credit hours) from my old school first... *pulls out hair*... so I went looking to get it online, and the class was full *screams with bald head*... so now I'm just kinda sitting here in the middle of nowhere... :)


Hey Anime,

Last time we chatted, (yes, it has been many moons) you were soon to start school.  Was this move related to your enrollment?  Good luck with the unpacking, I am doing the same thing myself.


I've learned that whenever I decide something with kindness, I've usually made the right decision.



Did my fellow Texan leave me alone?    Now, I have to go find someone else from Texas to share Texan moments... :(




Welcome back Anime and welcome to our southern accent. LOL!! Good luck :)

we want footage! you need to put boo in front of the monitor with fish or birds on the screen.


The camera is now set up for continuous recording... but now all boo does is sit in front of it singing... he's such a camera whore...


 3 texts not including the one to the new number... no voice messages. :)


Yes, I did miss you. I wish you the best of luck in your new home.

i didnt miss you one bit trin-trinium, trin trinium, trin trin cher roo...


I missed you and was worried!  Glad for the update!  And what do you mean southern accent?  Sheet faar!

Glad you're back. Glad the move went well. If Boo decides to "attack" the boyfriend, can you please video it? That would be awesome! <3

Hey Trin good to see you back!

Its always takes a little while to get used to a move, I'm sure the cat will warm up to him once he gets used to the routine down there. I understand what you mean about no stores being around....I've lived in NYC my whole life and would never be able to live somewhere that requires me to drive 10-15 minutes to get things like milk and cigarettes.

Ok thats all, hope to see you in chat again sometime soon.

yes! how many texts did you end up with? i'm not even sure if my voice message even sent/recorded as we are in the middle of nowhere ville. thank you for the text this morning. i passed it on to a few (not your number) who have pm'd me wondering how your move & transition is coming along.

nice to have you back!


Yummmmmm Snickerdoodle.. One of my faves. Glad the move went well. Boo will come around, and if not, well he'll just eat boyfriend in his sleep (pick up that life insurance policy!). We missed you. Glad to see your back!

I have no clue how you're dealing with the southern drawl... I'd probably pull out my own eyeballs. Especially if you took me out of the city too!

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

hey anime...glad to hear you're getting all settled in.  haha about boo.  aww.  maybe he's confused by the southern accents too.  lol.

k, yes snickerdoodle ice cream is yum, yum, yum.  with little chunks of snickerdoodle cookies...mmm...soooo good. 




"I like to wear do not disturb signs around my neck so that little kids can't tell me knock knock jokes. Hey, how you doin nephew? Knock Knock. Hey read the sign punk!"

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