Do You Run Over Squirrels?


As I drove down the street one day, I noticed a dead squirrel lying in repose, belly up next to the yellow line. Although the squirrel was dead I still avoiding riding over it again. I thought to myself do people notice when they crush a squirrel or does it feel just like another bump in the road not something with flesh and blood? As I thought this, I likened us North Americans to squirrels. I wonder if the squirrels complain about being run over so much as much as we complain about gasoline prices?

Do the oil companies see us as merely squirrels running across the road that they crush without feeling our deaths? Do they continuously roll over us even though we are already dead? If you cannot feel the pain that you cause to someone else, does it matter if they get upset or in the case of the squirrel; die? Amazing, how seeing a squirrel lying dead on the road got me thinking about gas prices.

Thinking about gas has become a daily part of the American psyche. It is on the news constantly and we watch in horror as the gas prices rise on a daily basis. Not to mention our disgust to find that the oil companies are making billions of dollars in profit yet stating that they have to keep raising the prices. It has become ridiculous and it appears that it will only be getting worse. I have gotten to the point where I drive my car in neutral whenever I can to save gas and it has been adding up. If I chose to drive on a full tank of gas, I could get 440 - 475 miles when I was normally getting 340 - 350 miles on a good day. I also do not wait until my tank is on empty because spending almost $70 on a full tank of gas makes me sick to my stomach especially when it used to cost me about $30.

Is it the government's responsibility to help us as we began to flounder under the weight of rising gas and food prices while our wages/salaries remain stagnant? Most of you know that I am against the war and as I see the billions of dollars spent and thousands of American soldiers' lives lost in a war that the majority of Americans are against, I am frustrated. But really, does the government have to help us? And I mean the hard-working American that is trying to make ends meet and is not living off welfare or having children with no fathers just to live off the system. I'm talking about my friends and family and the millions of America who go to work 40+ hours a day who have children that they can no longer take on vacation because gas prices are so outrageous, they can no longer afford it. Or is it our responsibility to learn to budget our finances and let unnecessary things that we would do go, live more frugally, and stop attempting to live like we are all Hollywood celebrities or Sweet 16 bratty socialites?

I know I do not want to end up like a squirrel ran over in the road.



I love that commercial. The idea of squirrels  waiting to jump out in front of you nad make you wreck is hilarious. By the way, I dodged a squirrel yesterday.

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Gotta watch out for squirrels they run in packs, in big cities they run insurance scams for large auto body repair shops.

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You're right.. we shouldn't be happy with it, but we do need to consider ourselves lucky our govt isn't taxing it up to $8 a gal.  Yet.  The better statement would have been "Be glad it's only $4/gal."

I'll just say that I lived in Europe, and theres a reason fewer people drive cars. The cities there are MAJORLY condensed. WHole countries can fit inside the city radius of several cities here in California. Its MUCH easier to ride a bike when you only have to travel .5 miles to work/school/stores. Also, their public transportation systems are SO much better than ours its unreal- like another planet! The higher cost of gas/petrol is not considered the same as it is here- our gov't HEAVILY subsidizes the cost of gas in the US. The EU does NOT do the same. Comparing our costs with their costs is apples and oranges. Like a house in CA costs $1mill, the same house in NC costs $150K. You choose where you live, and one is not equal to the other. 

If people want to avoid heavy gas prices, then move to a city with good public transportation, ride a bike, or buy an electric/hybrid car. But the reality is, the majority of people in the US do NOT live in urban areas, and unless they want to do over-night trips on bicycles, not driving a car is simply not possible.  

I dont see the gov't as being responsible to help us out with rising costs. They are not our parents. We are each responsible for our own self, and if we cannot live within our means, then perhaps we need to re-evaluate our priorities.  

I don't think we should be happy with it.  We should do things so that we don't have to deal with it.  There are other alternatives to gas vehicles.  To just say be happy with it is like telling those who have jobs that are demeaning to be happy with their lot instead of fighting and going for something better.  We can do better than this.

Truthfully I think the gas prices are a good thing. I mean they suck but we HAVE to find another way because oil will inevitably be gone and I'd much rather use the last of it on plastic and other recylable's instead of on gas which is making global warming worse and cannot be re-used. But I'm a bit of a modern day hippie lol.



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I don't think it's our goverment's job to help us directly with the price of gas.  Oil prices are dictated by supply and demand. Free market decides how much we pay. The countries who control the oil can affect the supply and demand equation by reducing what is available. The price immediately goes up. If they increase production the cost goes down. Now let's look at the demand portion. We are by far not the only major country buying up all this black gold. China is having some overwhelming growth right now. There use of oil has gone up to say the least. The more demand the higher gas prices. So what can we do about that? We can't change China's oil habits but can we change ours? Well, yes we can. Drive smaller more fuel efficient cars unless you have a true need for a monster SUV. Funny most SUVs I see have only one or two people in them. Reduce the amount you drive by consolidating trips out. I spend less than $20 a week in gas. The last time I bought gas I paid $3.93 per gallon. Reward companies for investing in fuel efficient hybrids and electric cars by buying them instead of cars with bad fuel mileage. Now how can our government help us in an indirect way? I hate to see legislation to force companies to produce a certain product. Maybe that's what's needed. To raise MPG standards drastically. Maybe tax incentives for making cars that produce less omissions and use less fuel. 

Now I'm not advocating the complete abandonment  of all large vehicles. they all have their place in our world but that place is not as a daily driver. Unless that's somehow required of you. Like is you have sextuplets or something. Or you a farmer. You know what I mean. In other words don't take the Hummer in for your hour commute when you have a Geo Metro that will get you there just as fast for a fraction of the cost. Plus you'll help reduce demand for oil which will help our side of the fuel equation. 

Oh yeah, squirrels are cute huh?  

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Uh... sorry for that.  Stressful day at work.  :P

Being realistic, I think we're stuck with it.  We need to get used to it and adapt. We'll never see $3.50 again. The world fuel market has the most to do with dictating the prices we see.  Not the evil US government, not Arabs.  And I'm not going to quietly accept a tax increase to fund a US government sponsored fuel break so people can travel to lay in the sun and drink Mai-tai's.

Be happy with $3 to $4.

I might add that we need to pick our next president carefully and look at a major priority which is being ignored.  The candidate that will promise that Iran will not be nuclear capable on his/her watch should get your vote.  If you think $4 / gal is bad, wait until an indefinite interruption of middle eastern oil happens.  If tankers cannot be filled because of a clash between Iran and Israel, we could easily see $50 per gallon on both gas and diesel in the States.

What will $50 per gallon mean?  No trucks.  None.  No over-the-road freight.  This country's economy will slam into a brick wall.  There will be no economy. The graph doesn't go that low.  Recovery will be slow if at all.  Stocks will be nonexistant.  Our 401K accounts?  Poof.

I'll pay the $4 a gallon.

Once again the purpose of this blog was not about the war (it was just a sidenote).  The purpose was what should people do instead of just complaining?  What are our alternatives?

And the gas prices are high compared to what we are used to.

LMAO! I do too when I see the squirrels. I see them high-fiving every time I try to avoid them!

Please allow me to voice my contrasting opinion. :) A squirrel is a rodent. If the squirrel is dead, it's not there as far as I'm concerned. A bump in the road.

Even though I live in Kentucky, I have traffic to contend with and if I'm in traffic, I don't swerve for live animals or anything else non-human that won't cause risk to me if I plow over it. Priorities. My priorities are my family and other people around me. If I can analyze the situation fast enough, if I know it is clear and I can avoid hitting an animal without undo risk to myself and those around me, I will. If both the animal and I can come out unscathed, I'm all in. Otherwise, the critter is a grease spot - be it a squirrel or a cute baby duck. It may seem that I'm a cold person but I'm not. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Quack.

And I won't publicly get into what we think are high gas prices and the reasons why I think it is most vital for the US to have a permanent and forceful military presence in the Middle East from here on out.

I Love the Squirrels and I do my best to make sure me and my boyfriend swerve whenever we see a dead one on the road, which was the norm while living in upstate New York. Gas is Ridiculous but getting into it is just going to aggravate me. Back to squirrels, every time I see one out on the road, especially more than one running around, I think about the Geico commercial. All the time.

no matter how much "we" the general public do to curb spending on unnecessary items, at the end of the day...the gov will ultimately do what is best for them. as history dictates.

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We could be but we're not in Europe.  There are also different circumstances in Europe.  And my blog is asking different questions such as should the government help or should we as a people learn how to budget better and stop spending so much on unnecessary items.  Nor was this blog meant to be a debate about the war or squirrels for that matter. :) 

I have gotten to the point where I drive my car in neutral whenever I can to save gas and it has been adding up.

 I have always done that.  Always.  I hate paying for gas.  And my poor kids hear all about not planning their trips.  Running here and running there is a waste, but they know I also hate going anywhere and just want to get it over with.

 As for the squirrels.  No, I avoid them.   The ones around us are pretty smart though, they will wait to cross the road.  Just like the deer, they look both ways before crossing.  I love it!





If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

I avoid them too. I care a lot if i re hit them.  

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me too! we have quail, rabbits, and field mice that we call "little johnny's" that run all over the place. now, should i be out driving early in the am and approach a rattlesnake, he is as good as roadkill if i can get all four tires across him. which will require backing up and pulling forward several times!

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The blog was more about how we deal with gas prices then my stance against the war.  And I used the squirrels because I am constantly avoiding hitting those little buggers because I care if I hit them.

 Well I know in my city, the public transportation rate is skyrocketing, and this car sharing program has taken off tremendously. Students that used to buy a junker car etc, now tend to use this option. If you live downtown, and don't want to not only pay ridiculous gas rates, but even MORE ridiculous parking rates. This is the way to go. At 3.90 an hour, or $39 a day, you really can't beat it. Heck I pay more than $3.90 for 1 gallon, and I probably go through it quicker than 1 hour!

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i can agree with that. metro areas such as san francisco, portland, and a few others with light rail, or mass transit lines have the right idea.

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We're definitely spoiled but it is difficult to compare our gas prices to other countries especially since Americans are more reliant on using their cars then this other countries.  Not to mention, these other countries as you have posted tend to drive smaller cars.  And London has a great public transportation system compared to what we have here in the states.

i love the squirrel analogy. and when i see a dead one, i try to avoid it. i hate the way it feels when i'm in the porsche because i am already low to the pavement! so....okay - no hate email for 2na, but i have to say, we are still pretty much spoiled americans. here are some gas prices as of 2005 - 3 yrs ago. right now in germany $8.65 per gallon. we're lucky...spoiled, and at times ungrateful.




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