Doctor, Doctor, give me the news

I'll start this off by saying that I'm a klutz. I'm really good at hurting myself in strange, occasionally spectacular ways. It doesn't much phase me anymore, the people around me know that every 6 months or so, there's a mandatory trip to the ER, whether to reset a bone, stitch me up, or, one time, stuff 3 bottom teeth back into their sockets. Yeah, really good at hurting myself. I've had years of practice ;)

OK, back around Memorial Day, I went on vacation in NY State. While I was there, I fell on my friend's front steps. Small wooden steps with no back. My left foot slid through, and I slammed my shin on the next step up. It hurt like hell, but I was able to brush myself off and walk again, so I didn't think all that much of it. Just another bruise, I'm used to those. The bruise was a nice one, though, bright colors, nice healthy purple-green hue, lovely. And hard to miss. My Doctor noticed it a few weeks later, during an allergy appointment.

Dr. B's good, observant, and remembers things. Either that, or he takes good notes. Either way, I had to go back last week (before the temperature dropped). I was wearing shorts. Dr. B noticed that my shin is still bruised, and asked if it was the same one or a new one. "Yeah, same one." "Since late May." "Yeah, maybe you're right, maybe it should have healed by now, hadn't realized so much time had passed." "No, it doesn't hurt to walk in it, just when anything, including tight socks, touch it." "No, spent an entire day in heels about a week ago, no pain, I swear." I was promptly ordered to get it X-Rayed.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, I spent 45 minutes at the imaging center, having glamour shots taken of my left leg. Dr. B just called me back with the results. It's fractured. I have been walking around (mostly pain free) on a fractured shin since Memorial Day. Now Dr. B wants me to see an Orthopedist. Why? What can he possibly do? The bone didn't shift, just cracked, and, I repeat, it doesn't hurt. Much. What can an Orthopedist do, other than waste my time, energy and money?

Tiger played 18 holes. I've functioned for almost 4 months. I win. Nya.




Supposedly I fractured my wrist several years ago. After about 6 months I went to get it looked at because it still hurt. The xray showed it was probably fractured. At that point there was nothing they could do for it. I just went home. I'm not saying don't go I'm just saying what my experience was.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

You should go to an orthopedist, they specialize in bones. LIke someone said to me the other day dont take your kid to a dentist to get braces take him to an orthodontist. Same applies here. I just can't believe you've been walking around painless...


What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

OMG! A Bruise on your leg for 3+ months! Wow. You should go get it checked out.

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

good lord woman! anything that bleeds for 3+ months (bruises are bleeding under the skin) and doesnt die- yah MAYBE thats a problem! You should get a hot pink cast. That would be awesome! ;)

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