does anyone else find IE 7, just unbearable annoying?

it keeps making noises, and this stupid little bar at the top of the page keeps showing up to tell me that I have plug-in's disabled everytime I refresh the page. It's just stupid....




Hey guys, Because I am a N00b, I really don't have much of a reference to compare it to...but I do know it does give me a pain the arse when it shuts down for no apparent reason, and I also get the plug- in message, which is annoying...juliek

Hey Ike,

Sorry to hear your frustrated with IE 7.

I've come to compare it to that crazy guy everyone has in their neighborhood, who rides around on a rusty home-made bike with a billion flags coming out of the back of his seat, a poker card wedged into the spokes of his front tire, and wearing an orange helmet with small plastic birds he's dangled around the helmet's brim.

With each IE upgrade, you'll find that, like that neighbor, it's not afraid to jump into your traffic wearing undies and do a crazy dance or two.

Save yourself the headache and move to Firefox. It will import your bookmarks and is really easy to use. I even use the Mozilla email client Thunderbird. Occasionally the odd web site won't like Firefox, so I'll have to use IE, and I keep IE around only for that reason.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

I haven't used IE in more than a year since I have discovered Firefox.  Goodbye, IE!

I started using firefox about six months ago and never looked back.  They upgraded the computers in the computer lab at school to IE 7 and many students became firefox users at that point.

i had no problems so far, i actually like it.....sorry your having problems

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