Down It Comes!

Down came the holiday decorations today. Well actually, I am still in the process of such and just taking a break. Getting ready to indulge in a mimosa I see more "breaks" in my immediate future. I enjoy decorating for the holiday season the most. But there is something distinct about un-decorating that gets the creative juices flowing.....and that is not in the form of the mimosa, but it compliments the sentiment nicely. Think June Cleaver preparing for a new year, new adventure, new memories to be made. *Junie-Bare...did you get that?!*

I moved here just over 1-month ago. Unpacked only to repack 2 weeks later as I decorated for Christmas. Now repacking it all up again only to discover that I see this house as a home now. In a whole new light....I have a vision for how I will fit in here. I am beginning to settle. I've made friends. Survived a "first cut & style" without being carried out on a stretcher, puking, or having to call my husband because I'm about to go postal on the stylist. I've learned how to keep warm when the temperature is in the gosh-forsaken teens, and how to use my gas stove. The monotone programed female GPS voice no longer pisses me off. I just take her advice and turn accordingly. No argument there.

No more pouting about leaving/selling my dream home behind in AZ. No more ranting on the septic & the sandpaper like "Friendly" toilet paper. The water is delicious right out of the tap. That's a phenomenon to me.

Baby steps.




Bare wrote:
And about the toilet paper.  Scott makes different grades of sandpaper.  Find a better one than you are using.  They are out there.

i blame stevie! j/k. i really did not know there were different grades. i just focused on the words: Septic Friendly when i was at the local acme. oh i get to go tp sandpaper shopping today ;) it's the little things!

thanks junie.bare!



 Think June Cleaver preparing for a new year, new adventure, new memories to be made.

I am so on board with this way of thinking, JunieTuna.  (okay that made me giggle.)

I'm glad you are feeling that your house is your home.  That's the hardest part in the beginning.  Feeling like hmm, it just doesn't feel right yet.  You are lucky to have made friends so quickly, that will certainly help.  I think it was a year before I had more than a few aquaintances, let alone friends.  But so much harder for you, leaving a coast.  I could still get to familiar places. 

Now on topic, we keep the tree up until the day after the Epiphany (Jan 6) and la befana visits with candy and fruit.  I'm always so reluctant to take the decorations down.  I love our "Christmas house."  It feels so warm and filled with hope. 

And about the toilet paper.  Scott makes different grades of sandpaper.  Find a better one than you are using.  They are out there. 



"you can sew it up but you still see the tear"

it's really quite beautiful here. think northern cali but further away!



Well thats just ridiculous. Yet another reason to add that goddess forsaken place to my list of DO NOT VISIT! You should move hah!

haha! sorry that sandpaper part cracked me up.

ugh! didn't you get the memo?! we can only use "septic friendly" a$s wipe. and it is like a mild grade sandpaper.



Whats up with the toilet paper? You cant get the charmin with aloe for your butt out there? Thats madness. How can they not have tp with the cute lil puppy?

aww i'm glad you're starting to feel a little bit at home lovely.  the east coast definitely has it's charms.  there are so many towns for you to see yet...waterside towns that are straight out of a'll be proud to be calling yourself an east coast girl in no time.



"Listening to you I get the music.  Gazing at you I get the heat... From you I get the story..."

thank you snazzy love! i've just observed over the past few weeks at how incredibly calm husband of mine is through this all. nearly all of his colleagues were laid off. he not only kept his job, but was transferred, and all on the company dime - - but had to return a few weeks ago and collect laptops, cellphones, etc. and "Good luck finding a job nice knowing You" - - to people we've grown to care about. through this all, he has remained so calm. no stress. so rants. just takes it all in and deals with it as it comes. logically. calmly. so, he has inspired me to not wrap myself around items that are not in my control and in conjunction with that, to remove all emotions during decision making times. today while i undecorated and cleaned our home, he took mini to lunch and picked up a few movies. on the way home, the heater core blew up in the car he was driving. my response i freaked the hellz out when he told me and said to just go buy another car. his reply was, "let's just assess the cost to repair vs. the hours to repair and i'll either fix it myself or drop it off at the shop."  i can't believe he isn't stressed about that at all. so, that is where i get my new found "i can handle that" attitude .



i can relate completly tuna! i took down our tree the day after christmas. which is something i never thought id do. i like enjoying it for a while. well i just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming year and the things youve accomplished in this one. you seem like a very strong woman and i admire that!

~No pressure, no diamonds.~

done! geddan. fait. getan. hecho! completely packed away for 10.5 more months.

feels great to get it all done. going to shop for furniture now for the 2 rooms in the front of the house. new year. new look. new beginnings.



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