Energy Fiend.

My friend sent me this link to a caffeine database:

-i say its fairly accurate. Anyhoo -you can calculate your caffeine intake & there is a "death by caffeine" calculation & i decided to use results:

death by caffeine!




interesting to say the least.




I'd dye halfway through my 98th can of Monster.... for Coke-A-Cola I'd take 401.47 cans, for Red Bull 170.63 cans and for double shot of expresso I'd go down in 105.00.

Oh yah, if I just lost some weight I'd be beating you all to the grave.....

oh man it only takes 73 and a half cans of my poison, the starbucks double shot espresso in a can to kill. lol so you'd still be sucking down cokes long after i kicked the espresso bucket :)

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