Enough already. So Sad

Im watching the live broadcast of the missing pregnant marine right now. Breaking new is that she is dead now and buried somewhere near camp lejuene.  Im so sad and so livid right now I dont know what way is up. What the hell is wrong with these men! Im sick of seeing missing pregnant women who end up killed. None of these murders really meant much to me until now because im a new mother. I cant imagine why people would kill a pregnant woman. Ok Kill the woman but dont let the baby die. What in the world did that baby do? This is a helpless little innocent soul that hasnt done anything and you decide to take it from the world?! Are people really this messed up? Im so hurt right now I dont even know what to think, I just wanted to write about this because I want to know if people feel the same way I do. 

Are these people such cowards and such pussies that they also have to take a helpless victims life? You might as well beat up a blind man you worthless F*&K!!!! I hope these people burn in the deepest pits of hell or whatever happens to you when you die. Even better I hope they have to stay on earth and feel there misery and also feel the sadness and hurt that the victims family and friends feel. 

Oh and on another note. This missing womans mother told the press she was bi-polar and a compulsive liar. What kind of mother would say this even if her daughter was bipolar and a liar ? I mean your CHILD IS MISSING ! Its not like she is in prison or something shes missing and pregnant with your Grandchild who hasnt done nothing to deserve any of this! I know that if my child was missing even if she was bipolar and a liar I wouldnt say this to the press I would be focusing on finding my child and grandchild! the NERVE OF PEOPLE! IM SO PIssed right now(sorry if I cant write that but im very hurt and mad) I really feel bad. I wish I could do something. Man what a day already.. 



i am not a psychologist, but I have very strong opinions on this.

it is terrible that people hurt children. Children are the most precious innocent gifts on this earth.. It makes my soul cringe that people would do this.

There are some people who wish they even had the chance to have the experience to have a family and children. But the people who hurt their children---selfishly take that precious gift for granted. Before taking your ignorant aggressions out on a child who is helpless, give the child up for adoption for goodness sakes. Why hurt them, what did they ever do so wrong to deserve such a horrid death/injury? You brought them into this earth, take the responsibility to treat and raise that child the way parenting was intended to be. Children are full of Unconditional Love, the Love we are all born with, and some people begin to drift away from this Love and even become completely full of rage/anger to where it manifests into their mind and soul.  These stories of people doing terrible things to childre saddens me more than it could be put into words.

i will acknowledge the fact that there are some people who have mental, manic, and schitzoprenic 'episodes' that prevent them from realizing what they are doing to their child when they do these tragic and violent things. They have hallucinations that mask the reality of what they are doing. When you are in these 'episodes,' you lose reality and are in a different state of mind.

..But almost most of the people that have these certain episodes--and commit these violent acts--should be capable of personally pinpointing the 'warning signs' that reveal they are leading up to committing these horrid acts on their precious children. If they can wake up and go to jobs each day, they have some kind of reasoning skills (for the most part, but there are possibly a few exceptions). And certain activities they involve themselves in or the 'input' they put or allow into their own mind--by choices they make or letting unresolved issues they allow to build up, etc--will likely play themselves out during an 'episode.' Kind of like the saying input in, 'input out.' When you have a child and you feel that you are "losing grip" get some help before you hurt your child. 

If these horrid acts are commited under the influence of drugs..there is NO excuse. Yeah, you may not know what you are doing at the time when you are on the drug and you may not even remember committing the horrid act, but you sure did know how to insert that drug into your system. That makes these types of people guilty with NO defense whatsover.

This world will continue to get worse and worse as the days go by, and corruption will become more and more rampant to where the "good" people will be hard to find. It will get to the point that the "good" people will actually become the outcasts on this earth. Stay strong!



Yes it very horrible what these parents do to there own children. IT really hit me when i heard about the guy throwing his kids off a bridge because the one was only 4 months old and thats how old my son is and I cant even raise my voice to him let alone ever hurt him like that.  I dont understand it all I just dont.. I really want to bawl my eyes out for these poor kids..


"If everybody is thinking alike then nobody is thinking"

I was following this as well. I flip between news channels all day. The whole story had so many strange twists and turns, and bizarre information... well like you said, I only feel for the unborn child.

I watched one of the interviews with the mother. She seemed kinda a weird one herself... and I heard the stepmother said similar things about the missing girl. I also heard (and this may not be correct) that the mother didn't want her daughter to keep the unborn baby, and maybe that was a reason for her to have taken off on her own and maybe she wasn't actually kidnapped? This morning the police guy said there was a good chance they would have good news, but an hour later they came out and said she was dead and buried, but they hadn't actually confirmed this yet... why they would release info like that without knowing for sure is beyond me. The whole thing is screwed up start to finish- And there's a lot of backstory and details that we won't ever know.

I agree with you, hearing stuff like that hits you harder when you have a newborn. Other horrible stories in the news the last couple days: The guy that threw his 4 kids off a bridge, I forget what city it was. Last I knew they hadn't found any of the bodies yet... And the mother in D.C. who stabbed and beat her 4 daughters to death, then left them in the house with her for at least a week, but maybe a lot longer. Kinda makes you wonder where this world is heading...

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