Extremely embarrassing question ....

Hello my fellow GuG's,

I realize that none of you live in my city ... I don't think anyone even lives in my state ... but I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out.

I'm incredibly embarrassed to say, but because of financial difficulties my gas was shut off a week ago today.  The weather HAD been very nice here, but in the course of two days the temperatures have plummeted and what little bit of heat was in the house is now gone.  The high today is only going to be in the upper 40's and we're having a freeze warning for tonight.  Later in the week it's supposed to get nice again so I should be okay if I can survive the next couple of days, but I know that the nice weather won't last for too much longer and then I'll really be in trouble.

I'm not worried so much for myself (I can always add clothing) as I am for my animals ... particularly my birds.  I'm doing everything I can to get the gas/heat turned back on as quickly as possible, but only working part-time temp jobs makes it a little hard to stay out of the red.  (I might have a full-time job lined up by the end of the week.  ~crosses fingers~  It's certainly NOT what I want to do, but it's better than what I'm doing now.)  For the time being I've pulled out the two space heaters I have, and if need be I'll use some saved Wal-Mart gifts cards to get one or two more.

What makes this issue even more complicated is that I've had an on-going (nearly 3 years) problem with the gas company screwing up my account, and it still is not completely sorted out.  (I.E. charging too much, saying I used more therms that I did, not properly installing the AMR, etc., etc.)  I am having to pay an exorbitant amount to get my service turned back on.  An amount that I DO NOT have right now and will take some time in getting.  I've checked with some local charities and assistant groups in the area.  A lot of them are unable to help at this time because their funds are depleted, or they can only give a small amount which doesn't really help me.

What I want to know is if there are any other groups or charities that you can think of for me to check out.  Thanks in advance for your time & suggestions.  :)



Update:  On a happier note I think I'll have a job come Wednesday (not a great job, but better than what I have now), so hopefully I'll be able to make some payments and get turned back on before Xmas.  ~smirks~




 Oh believe me, I know.  I've seen what happens when (other) people have let a draft get to their bird.  I cover most of then at night anyway, so I've just left those on covering three sides of the cage.  I wish I had an upstairs, but they are in a sun room so it does tend to be a little warmer in there than in the rest of the house.  The one I'm most worried about the our 70+ year old Blue & Gold Macaw.  He's in a different part of the house than the other birds, but we might have to move him in order to conserve heat and keep him warmer.  Thanks.  :)


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If the Gas company won't follow their own payment plan, or if they make it ridiculous like yours sounds, THESE are the people you need to talk to.  That may be municipal, but i'm sure they can direct you to where you need to talk to for your city. 


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We have the same thing in my city. They can't turn off heat from Nov 1 to April 1.

Zeev, as for your birds... The draft will bother them more than the cold. Cover their cages with blankets, or sheets. Open them every so often just to check on them. Move them to an upstairs (heat goes up) interior room, to keep all possible drafts away from them.

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 I'm in Missery ... err Missouri.  ;)  The gas company here is supposed to have the same rule, but it's set up more as a program and they don't follow it very well.  Besides which you have to ask to be put on the program; they don't do it automatically.  Either way I can't do it.  They're telling me I owe over $600 for the summer months (when I hardly even used the gas), and I don't qualify for the "cold weather program" unless I pay half of that.  :O  This company sucks and a LOT of people here are unhappy with them.  Unfortunately they're the only game in town, and no one seems to really want to do anything about their questionable practices ... everyone will beeeiotch complain, but no one will stand up and fight against the corruption.  :(

On a happier note I think I'll have a job come Wednesday (not a great job, but better than what I have now), so hopefully I'll be able to make some payments and get turned back on before Xmas.  ~smirks~


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do a "moratorium" search online for your area. they cannot terminate service during this time.



 ~nods~  I think that's what we're going to have to do until such time as we can work things out with the gas company.  I REALLY wish my house had a fireplace!  Come Hell or high water I'll keep the electricity ... even if I have to skip a few meals.  Thanks for your help.


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ugh, Zeev. i'm sorry to learn such. well, i'm not sure where your "area" is, however, i did at one time work for a gas company in the pacific northwest area (IGC and Pacific Corp users) and we had what was a winter protection program called "moratorium"  - during the winter months we were not allowed to turn off or deny heat to residents. further, most could not afford to make payments on a regular basis so whatever they paid was accepted.

maybe your provider has a similar program?



Sorry to hear about your problems zeev, I wish I had a more permanent solution for you, but the best I can think of right now is using a space heater. Sometimes we use one on cold days to save money on the oil burner(we have oil heat not gas) and it does work well. They arent very expensive and as long as you have electricity you can plug it in and heat up a fairly large room with even a smeller heater. Ask around about them or look online and i'm sure you can find one that suits you. Good luck!

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