So I got my tax check back and had plenty of money this year to be able to buy a new pc. I ended up getting a gateway pc. It has a 22 inch glossy hi-def monitor so i can see everything without squenting my eyes all the time. YAY! I just dont want this PC to get all the spyware and adware my last pc had on it. Does anyone know of any good anti-spyware and adware programs? Im so excited :) This is the first time in years I have been able to buy myself something nice for once. I think I desevred it! Now Im waiting on that stimilus plan money from the govt haha. Its nice that the govt finally realized how broke people in this country are now. It suck though really. Im a high school graduate and I dont make crap. Well im laid off now anyways and need to find a new job. heck even my friend has a degree in business and works at centennial wireless wtf!? If you pay all that money for a degree you would think you would be able to find a good job, but not around where I live. I live in Northeast Indiana and our economy sucks these days. All the industrial jobs are moving to mexico and that leaves people like me who didnt have the money or time to go to college out of a job. I dont want to be jobless and I sure dont want my son to see me and his father struggle and fight over money once he is old enough to realize what argueing is. I wish I wouldnt have been such a douche bag when I was younger and tried harder in school. Now im kicking myself in the butt. I constantly worry about how im going to afford things for my son as he gets older. I know money doesnt matter but these days kids want everything and most of that everything they want includes expensive video game consoles, computer and various other technology expensive items. When I was a kid I had to have the brand name clothes and shoes. If you arent wearing brand name stuff and have nice things you get made fun of and I dont want my child to be picked on because his father and I made mistakes. Ok sorry for ranting I just needed to get some things of my chest today.



I use Spysweeper by Webroot, its really great and does a great job protecting my computer, just don't let your subscription expire.

Well I cant go to Ivy Tech because I would have to go to the one in Fort Wayne and my fiances ex wife goes there and she has a restraining order on me. Shes in the nursing program too. I dont want to be a nurse by any means. I know I could get grants for certain thing but its more a time constraint issue than anything. I have been thinking about taking a few training courses on business and such but nothing to big. Just going to get my feet wet a bit.

So where can I get these spyware and adware programs at? Should I download them off the net or just buy them?


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Well since I am a Hoosier too I will help you out. The place to look is the 2 year nurse programs offered at Ivy Tech all over the state. Now most people think "no way I sucked at school" but when you were in HS your motivation didn't include real life and now it does.Ivy Tech has great programs for young adults who struggled in HS but are motivated to make a better life for themselves. They have remedial courses in Math and English and offer free tutoring and study labs 7 days a week.

So now you say "well yeah thats a nice ad dick#$%^ but how do I pay for it ?" I have an answer for that too Indiana Workforce Development, Pell Grants, and Guaranteed Student Loans. If your mother or father are veterans there is also more grant money available.

Foamy I have other responsibilities kids, rent, groceries and no time to go to school. OK ya got me there I mean its a lot easier to not try than to sacrifice for 2-3 yrs so you can have a career that pays 25$ + an hour. Here is the truth in Indiana if you want to work anywhere else besides Wal Mart you better get in school, marry well, or win the powerball.

Oh and the new Gateway go to add remove programs and dump everything but windows files, hotfixes  and device drivers. This includes dumping whatever crappy AV software they sent with it, Realplayer, windows media player, and whatever other free junk Mac owners complain about. Instead download VLC media player, Winamp, Avast or AVG anti virus and Spybot and/or Adaware. I would also suggest you look into a registry cleaner and of course changing the default browser to Fire Fox. 

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I know where your coming from as far as the expensive things children want. I have 4 kids and wow can they break the bank. But, I do draw the line on name brands. I have found great ways to show my children that what they wear is a choice. As an example my 11 year old is big into Roxy. I have taken her to a store and showed her the price of a shirt and pants shoes what not in this "name brand " style. Then take her to bargain stores that have similar styles but much lower price tags. I show her that she can have 3 complete outfits plus accessories for the same price as the one name brand one. Then the choice is hers to make... She has yet to choose the one outfit over the 3. Of course that might change in high school but for now, she sees the value in a bargain hunt   

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