I was spending a long afternoon at work after my students left. All I wanted to do was finish up my paperwork and go home. Unfortunately everyone else had a different idea. I had an appointment show up three hours late, and decide to talk my ear off for 2 hours, and just when I thought she would leave the janitor that I had filed a complaint about earlier that day came in to complain. “Well sorry I need my room cleaned at least once a month, preferably several times a week, and if you leave milk in the garbage can over a weekend….IT STINKS….and my kids are medically fragile the room has to be sanitized…no I can’t have the day time janitor come in during the day to sweep and mop…I have students.”
That’s when the fire alarm went off. I asked the janitor if I had to leave the room since there were no students and he said that it would be ok if I stayed in there, because they would announce if it was really a fire over the intercom. Then he left because he had to go check on the fire. My appointment left because she was afraid of the fire, and I was finally alone!!! I settled in to finish up my work so I could get home before traffic got too bad.
That is when ten men ran in my room, because guess where the fire was being registered at…Yup my classroom. No smoke, no heat, no fire. I helped them look for about 10 minutes before they realized that there was in fact no fire in my classroom. One word. DUH!
Sorry I had get that out.




I was ready for a nice relaxing day today, but the fire alarm went off about three minutes after school started. And yes it registered in my class again. Maybe I am just too darn hot! hahaha. I'm so funny to myself.

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

........the janitor did it.


am I the only one who sees that? lol


<---- *squeals* look what found for meeeee mwahahah!! *rubs hands diabolically*

One of those days, huh? I hate those days, I'm having one of those days today. But the good thing is that at the end of the day you get to go home and relax, and tomorrow is a bright new day :)

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Fire!! hahh.. thats crazy.. I hate it when u cant just relax with out having all types of interuptions... Im glad u shared this with us.. Experience stories are always fun to read..


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

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