For me this holiday is more than colored eggs and a bunny rabbit

I have lived life with faith. I chose to walk away from it. Then circumstances brought me back to Him.


This is why~

My Lord, My God

My God, is in my heart.
He opens

doors to rooms
I never knew were there,
Breaks through walls
I don't recall building.
He lights my darkest corners
With the sparkle of His promise

My God, is the keeper of my soul
He inspires my wearied spirit
To fly on wings of angels
But while I hold his word in my hand
My feet never leave the ground.
He stills my deepest fears
With the wisdom of His song.

My God is my past, my now
He has already written my history
In His eyes I want to see myself,
Moments only he knows of
He forgives
He Loves me as I am
With tender understanding and Grace.

My God, is my future.
He has already built my dreams
He sees my undiscovered secrets,
Believes in me as I stumble
He walks in step beside me,
His love forever lighting my way.

My God, is my strength
He hears the whispered prayers
That I cannot speak
He helps me find my smile,
He catches my tears
In His gentle hands.

My God, is my most treasured friend
Filling up the empty spaces
Healing broken places
He is my rock, He wills my inspiration.
Though impossible to define,
In a word, HE is GOD

I will praise him every day of my life

For I know that He is ....

One day He will be known to all...

Every knee shall bow and proclaim him King..

For me? It is today, yesterday and tomorrow

Happy Easter




That was lovely. I'm glad you're "home."

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^

Remember Green, You also chose to walk back to it. Thank you for the beautiful prayer. It lifts me up. juliek

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