For the Love of Geeks!

i've been wanting to blog about this for quite some time now. then, while doing a little pre spring cleaning today, i came across one of all time fav books. it is by mikki halpin and victoria matt, The Geek Handbook

i actually consider it my bible! here are a few excerpts from it:

Why Geek Dudes Rule:

  • They are generally available.
  • Other women will tend not to steal them.
  • They can fix things.
  • Your parents will love them.
  • They're smart.

Where They Lurk:

While they are often into alternative music, geek dudes tend not to go to shows too often. Instead you'll find them hanging out with their friends, discussing the latest hardware revolution or perfecting their Bill Gates impressions. You know how some people wear t-shirts with their favorite bands on them, thus showing that they went to certain shows? Well, geek dudes wear t-shirts with the logos of different software companies on them, thus showing that they are up on the latest, um, releases. A small, though convivial, rivalry may be detected here amongst the geek dudes. Try wearing one yourself and see if he strikes up a conversation.

Once You Nab Him:

Geeks are sensitive and caring lovers and husbands (trust me, they are all about pleasing!). If you can hang with the techno-lifestyle, they make the best mates. They are the most attractive people, not flashy or hunky, but the kind who get cuter and more alluring over time. Definitely give geeks a chance.

Geek Lifestyle:

The geek dude has long work habits and tends to bring his work home with him. He seems permanently connected to his hard disk. You must at least appear interested in his work. Generally, a solid understanding of the computer is a must; if you cannot master this, you should at least be able to talk the talk. Remember most geeks are anal and they get stressed about details which appear insignificant. Be understanding, put on your best Deanna Troi face (Trekkie) and empathize.

To relax, geeks love to play the latest computer games. Let him play Myst or Chuck Yeager's Air Combat for hours if he wants to. (this i know is true!) Act concerned if he's stuck or has just been ambushed by three MiGs. My geek loves to try to help people on the Internet who say that they are stuck in Myst. He comes up with clever riddles instead of directing them point blank. Geeks also like to go to sci-fi and Japanese animated movies, again, a basically harmless vent for your man.


it is a really great read. if you want a sneak peek - this link will give you true insight to geekism's:

i can''t tell you how true this really is. i have 18-fabulously fabulous years attesting to such.

every girl should have one!!!



Thats too cute!!

And all true lol! 

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all."

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