Friends we've never met...

So reading through some of the posts and just from my own personal experience, I started thinking about friendships that are developed online.  I mean, most of us will probably never meet some of our "good" online friends in real life.  But we still develop relationships with people and sometimes end up confiding in said people as though they've always been a part of our lives.  There are a few people on this crazy/wonderful site that I talk to on almost a daily basis.  Some who I confide in and who tell me their personal stuff as well.  I think it's great.   I was never big on the internet until recent years.  So I find it funny that the same girl who used to say- "Eff the effing internet" is now a total GUG junkie.  I love it and I'm never ever going away.  Lol. 




I think it is GREAT!! i love this site i am i just need premium membership when i get some extra cash!! I think its awesome to hear what others have to say and see everyones point of view!! i have never done anything like this...but it just very informational and keeps me busy and away from my other addiction myspace...i think i like this one more!!!

I was just wondering...Where does everyone live??

 therefore i will not be judged for who i am, or what i have, or what i look like


 I love you for this!

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Just noticed your blog. Yes, I would have to agree. I have met some wonderful people here on GuG and it feels like family even though it's just online, i feel like i know all of you. I love my GuG friends!! *Hugs* :)

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Chat room?  Never been in there.


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 I just love the subject of this blog! It is something how we become friends on an anonymous venue and build, in some cases, deeper relationships than we reach in our person2person world. Here's another aspect of this high tech world that it seems unfortunate that we can't subscribe to in our inconvenient eye to eye aquaintances. Too bad we can't send friend requests in the eye2eye scope of things. And what about being able to delete or block this user? I dunno, I guess we do all these things in a less assertive way. But, I digress...this is just a great subject, MiW...julie

Indeed, some of you are friends and definitely know A LOT about me.   And have shared with me some pretty initmate moments as well.   Not that kind of initmate, the open honest kind....that is actually so RARE in real life society.   There are definitely a few I'd absolutely love to meet in person, and I'm sure a few that should remain only online friends....

TRUE & GOOD friends are so few & far between, and even they grow apart - THAT IS JUST LIFE!!!



Throw the donkey a waffle. C'mon you know you want to... No? You hate donkeys, don't you?

Should have gone above...oops.


Throw the donkey a waffle. C'mon you know you want to... No? You hate donkeys, don't you?

quick hello to all gug's...
you know when I first got this computer...well lets just say I was a little resistant! Ok,so I didn'T really want anything to do with it...then I was talked into trying a few things...I was frustrated, and ticked off at how little I know...then I stumbled on all of you...and yeah, it may sound a little silly...but I feel like I may have found where i belonged...all along!
So as I get more into the net..into knowing all of you...bear with me as I learn how to "chat" with all of you, or one on one, and i will endevor to learn, who knows...maybe i will become the "the geekanator"...?..."the geekmiester"?...well,maybe not but at least I can have a great time getting to know all of you...learning about the net...and making a few friends along the until next time..."If at first you don't succeed...S@#%&$ it...GO TO GROWNUPGEEK!

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I <3 you! And we will get to meet! Woohoo!


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i think your so brave.  id never be able let my guard down... heh.

yep yep welcome to the cult my dear


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I have made quite a few friends online and am happy to say that i've met quite a few of them and its always been a pleasant experience.  Its a great way to meet new people, and I'm never going away either, online friends rock!!

What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

knowing the unknown. that is how i look at it. i know quite a bit  more about my online friends than i wanted to initially; and also share more than i anticipated with a selected few. the safety is in knowing i will never meet most, but will meet a few, and therefore i will not be judged for who i am, or what i have, or what i look like. 

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Yeah, I totally agree with you. I think that some times its helpful to just blurt  and vent all this stuff to people who are not biased. They can give you their honst opinion and you don't have to feel hurt in anyway about it b/c you don't actually know them. And even if you do wind up meeting them, at least it's cool that you already have such a great friend to start with.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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