Its A Girl!

Meet 'Little Miss Trinity.' <-- I will upload a photograph when I bring her home. This is her!

Trini is our newly adopted Cairn Terrier. She is from a private home in Mt. Joy, PA. Not an Amish puppy mill or farm. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother and all were adopted within a matter of hours.

What do grown Cairn Terrier's look like? 'Toto' from the Wizard of Oz. Only, Trini is a medium hair breed. She'll be beautiful and not scruffy like Toto was ;)

Due to the severe allergies HOM and Mini have, we needed a pet breed that is good for allergy ridden people. Since my family are 'bubble people' and should be really living in one, we were hoping for a Bichon Frise, Cairn Terrier, or West Highland Terrier. Westies are basically a Cairn Terrier but are solid white. Cute little critters! No shedding <-- that sold me.

We get to bring her home 10 April, a great Easter weekend gift.

Name selection: HOM wanted the name Trinity which is from The Matrix character played by Carrie Ann Moss. Mini wanted the name Trinity because she is obsessed with thinks our very own AnimesTrinity is just the greatest & prettiest thing ever! So that is how her name came to be.

Our adoption process/experience here with DE and PA private pet rescue home/centers was not anything I would want to experience again.  Each pet we selected was required that we fill out a 5 page questionnaire. No problem there. But we never received a follow up from any agency. *gee...was it something I said?* or *it's not you, it's me* very frustrating after waiting weeks only to find an update on the website with our selected pup wearing a "I'm Adopted" banner.

So, we went the private-get her now method.





 Awww!!  She's adorable!! ... and I love the name.  ;)


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That is by far the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!!!!

aweee!!! Congrats my 2na!!! Im soo happy for you!! I know you've been searching & searching!! Take lots of pics! they grow soo fast! =D My little Daisy is growing by the hour! lol [that reminds me I need to update my blog]




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Well, isn't that sweet... I hope the adoption goes well. I'm sure Mini is quite satisfied by her name finalization. ;)

Papillons are cool; I love them too!

1st - she's gorgeous and I love her name too (Matrix fan here!!!).  Can't wait to see pics of her growing up!

2nd - can't believe the shelter people were so unresponsive!  :(

3rd - you hit the nail on the head with the "wtf do people think when they give up a dog..."  IMO it's not just an overpopulation's an ABANDONMENT problem.  When the cute pup grows up, or time, love an money should be's too easy to give them up.  Then they get another and the cycle starts again.  It is so sad. 

Back to happy - she is adorable!!!!!


she's sooooooooo cute!!!!!

Irealy realy like it.

Look at how cute she is!!!  Those short little legs, awe :)

Congrats to your family!  Trini, hmmm, I love it ;)

Cairn Terriers are excellent 'watch' dogs, but not 'guard' in protectors. they are always alert & very much aware of their surroundings so a bark when someone approaches the door, even before a knock is heard, would be normal. that is something i do like. we also like big dogs, but for our current life style, we were not looking to add a member that is the size of a piece of furniture to our family right now. i almost wish we were because of the space and acreage. but we're just on the go too much and we can take a smaller pet along w/us much easier than a 65-80 lb dog.


How adorable!!! She has the sweetest little face.

I am having the opposite problem that Animes is having. My husband wants a little pup like this sooo badly, but where we are moving is a bit secluded and I want something huge and scary.

That's a shame the shelter was so unresponsive. But everything happens for a reason. So you were probably meant to get Trinity. Let us know how she is when you get her home.

"fawk off?"

Haha! See you are turning into a tough Philly girl already!

i was the official pooper scooper with our former pet. daily. sometimes hourly ....or just because i could! i would even perform poop patrol before Julio the Gardener showed up. *couldn't have my gardener seeing little milk duds in my nicely manicured lawn* there isn't much i wouldn't do. my standards are too high to hire a service that could not live up to my expectations.


thanks love. only, i have to admit, i wasn't so nice to either rescue place. i penned and emailed them both the same  poison penned letter. basically pointing out what i think is a flawed system and what i would do to fix it. further, since both facilities are within a decent radius of my home, i put my 'volunteer' ability out there to fix it or to help where they are seriously lacking - - which is in the communication department. if they have a person/volunteer assigned to answer email, phone messages, and the like, then a future adoptive family will perhaps have a little more patients and luck than we did.

so, we'll see if i get a reply or a fawk off!


And I am sorry to hear your attempts at adopting a shelter puppy were less than stellar. That is sad because lots of good animals are there. You are a compassionate soul. But hopefully your shleter's lack of timely response means there are more people who want to adopt than there are needy pets. At least that is what I will tell myself. :) 



How adorable - I love the name (for BOTH reasons... lol.. excellent choice). That photograph you posted of little Trinity's mom is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

But honestly, 2na, I cannot ever see you cleaning up after a dog. I assume the doggie service has been summoned.

just take a peek....once Hub2b see's them....he'll cave:

you can search by area and they have a 'resuce' tab as well.


Great... now I have to get one... I don't know if I can convince h2b to let me have both that AND a Papillon... granted I dunno if he'll even give in to the latter...


it's a real bummer! there are so many pets we could have selected from at the shelter that i would have loved. irishsetters, labs, and the pound-puppy mix breeds that just need a home. i cannot go in to one w/out walking out crying. wtf do people think when they give a dog up because it is not longer cute puppy or because they have to actually invest time, love and money on a pet just as they would themselves?


her birth mom looked the same but lost all of her coloring except the teddy bear face black coloring around her muzzle. this 'example image' is what she'll look like we're thinking. still cute. small to medium size. but not a yappy ankle biter.



I want!!!

But Hubs2be says it's not a dog if it can fit in the microwave.

Maybe I can convince him it's a hamster....

its little tail is so cute... and its little legs... and its face!! awwww


Wow she is just amazingly cute. We too suffer from allergies but the allergies God(s) saw fit to not make us allergic to dogs so we had more options. I think it's so cool that there are dogs out there that don't cause allergy problems. It's also amazing how much they become a part of your life. I couldn't see our lives without ours, that's for sure. Congrats and she looks like a good choice.

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