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Well, we've had the car for over a month now, and realized late last week that we haven't done anything fun yet.  Not a single thing!  I've driven my Dad back and forth to Dr's appointments, I've gone to the laundromat, I've gone food shopping, and a huge spending spree at Target, but the closest thing to "fun" we've had so far is being too hot, lazy and tired to cook, and schlepping ourselves over to the Chinese Buffet for dinner.  

So this weekend, we decided all the errands and the deadlines can wait another day or so.  We got into the car and headed North and West, out of the crowded city, through the 'burbs, and into the mountains.  And landed at Longpond Ironworks, one of the nation's first iron mines.  Today, it's little more than Colonial Era ruins.   Most of the iron used in the Revolutionary War was mined and forged right here.   Amazing.

Here's some shots I took while playing in the woods with my new camera:

This is one of the few intact buildings left on the property.  I don't think much  reconstruction went into this one, but  could be wrong.  It's so cute, though, I want to live in it.


This is an aqueduct, used to direct water to the old wheels.  The picture does nothing to convey the size of it.  Some of the rocks in the walls of the aqueduct are as tall as I am!  Next time we go, I want to take this picture over, with someone sitting on the corner of the structure, to get a better sense of just how large it really is.


This is one of the original water wheels.  The historic society has built a house-like thing around it to protect it from the elements, and they've rebuilt the other one.  I think they plan on leaving the original, burnt wood  on this one, it's really neat looking. 


This was the General Store for the community that once thrived in these hills.  George Washington would have been a regular in this store, during the Revolutionary War.  Morris Canal, little brown signs that say "Washington Slept Here", yeah.


A closer shot of the store, kinda cool!


And another, just because it's neat.


The reddish tint the stone has comes from all the iron in the ground.  Many of the houses on the site were made out of these rocks, they're so pretty!  I'll have to find a way to import them when I move to NY.....


There's a reservoir on the property....


So I got to play with water pictures, whee!

and small waterfalls





I love to see the beauty that still exists in Jersey!!!  Smile

These are beautiful! thank you so much for sharing them. I just love how peaceful they are.. and look at all the green... Laughing


It's just a jump to the left

I know, I'm absolutely in love with that house.  One of those things that just don't quite come through on camera, the stones are actually kinda colorful, shades of orange and red from all the oxidized iron in the area, and some beautiful purple and bluish tones, no idea what would cause that.   


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Wow those pictures are beautiful.  I want to live in that stone building.  Just lovely. 

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I'm glad you liked them!  When we can, we like to visit local historical sites on the weekends, it's usually cheap, if not free, and it's always interesting.  Weather, transmission and finances permitting, we'll be visiting Liberty Hall this weekend. 


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

Considering that you're moving to one of the original 13 Colonies, I'm sure you'll have some really cool historical sites in your area.   If you do a long weekend in the NYC area, I can keep you busy without you ever actually setting foot in the City, lol.


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

Thanks!  I'm hoping to go back in Autumn, should be spectacular when the leaves are changing colors. 


"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"

oh, now you've got me all excited again about relocating. i can't wait to see these in person lady.c

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Thank you for sharing w/us, you took some awesome pictures! It's always fun to learn more about our history and it's so awesome that in the year 2008 we could still see what USED to be back then.

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