So.  I'm sitting here at home in my bed, drinking a bit of cabernet sauvignon, watching Max play on my bed.  He's pushing the covers around with his paws, running around back and forth trying to figure out where he is.  My hubby is in another city, working, so I'm a little lonely.  Even more lonely because my Sonic was killed today.  The dogs from next door broke the fence and bit her.  I'd had Sonic since April or May of 2007.  Just a few months ago, I lost my Roger.  I cried a little, but I'm still holding it in. 

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law think it's just a rabbit.  But I loved her, and I can't stop hurting.  I can't keep Max.  I don't want another rabbit to die.  Here's my Max because I never posted a photograph of him before.


And here was my Sonic.









I am sorry. I had a white bunny named Brad when I was 6 or 7. I am sorry. It is hard to lose any pet... they are your family.


LBL, I am sorry for your loss.  I have never had a rabbit before but my co-worker brought one to work one day to hide from her children and I played with him and he wouldn't leave me.  I didn't realize I would like rabbits...he was almost as cute as my cat!  I hope that you heal soon and I understand you wanting to give him back to your mother.

 Thanks, hun... 




I am really sorry sweetie.  I know this must be hard on you.   I'm just one pm away if you ever feel the need to talk about it.  



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 I can't keep him.  He would be loose in the yard, and I can't risk those dogs getting into our yard again and killing him too.  I'm going to give him back to my mom. She's got a few rabbits in a cage where he can be safe.




 Thanks, LadyC... I appreciate it..




 Thanks, girl...




 Aw, rays, I'm sorry to hear about Beethoven.  :(  They are funny animals, huh?  Quirky, curious and just so sweet.  My Sonic was so brave, and I just remember her when I used to have her in my apartment almost a year ago, she would climb on EVERYTHING.  Hop here, hop there.  Just wanting to see what everything in my apartment was.  She'd jump on top of my stomach if I'd lay on the floor and just sit there, looking at me with this face that says, "Yeah, I know you think I'm cute."  lol  She was so dominate... I miss her..




Thanks, Pinky.  I really appreciate that.




awe, they are both adorable LBL. the pain of losing a pet often out weighs giving one up. fight the fight! keep max. i'm sure he too is dealing with the loss of roger and sonic.


Aw, honey, I'm so sorry to hear about Sonic!


"I had to let it happen, I had to change.  Couldn't stay all my life down at heel"

I'm so sorry LBL :(  I can imagine how much they meant to you. 

I'm so sorry LBL. I lost one of my rabbits a month back to a terrible stomach problem.... I was crushed. We had him for 9 long, wonderful years. I won't give the details, because they would only upset you more... Let me tell you, though, that I have the perfect image in my mind to remember Beethoven by: He loved these yogurt treats and he did this little smile thing when he ate them. Thats the picture I'll always remember. I'm sure you have a memory like this that you can always hold close to your heart.

I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Sonic.

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Im soo sorry to hear that LBL... I still remember when you lost Roger.. Remember to always stay positive.. God only know why things happen.. It might have your been a rabbit to other peoples eyes but to you it was much more... I still laugh when people tell me how cheesy I am with my dog... To them its just a dog.. To me its my everything... Stay stong!!


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

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