Gouged by Geeks - Investigative Report on Computer Techs.

The following is a clip about an investigative report that researches just how knowledgeable computer techs are when it comes to fixing home computers.

This is actually pretty entertaining, but may shock some of you. Alas, less so with me and I think we all know whats going to happen when the Geek Squad shows up;-)

I'm also including a link to the full investigative feature on CBC, which is even more disturbing.



Use this one to view/download the full report. It's a .wmv file and should open automatically in media player . I highly recommend that you use this link.






I love my HP that I have currently (the replacement, since I donated my other one)  but I was just referring to the people they send out to fix them...

Foamy knows I love him.

Besides, it's sorta my own fault, I just look at a piece of hardware and it breaks. 


I am a Sound Soldier

Lmao... I had this desktop, and I melted something inside of it... well it was under warranty and they evidently have a 3 strikes rule... if they can't fix it within 3 times... they'll replace the computer... 

Anyway, so they bring the part.... (I don't recall what it was I melted... some card or something)

1st time... couldn't get it to work...

2nd time, next day, brought another one of the same part.... still couldn't get it to work

  (keep in mind that we can't touch it for it to remain under warranty)

3rd time, about a week later..... they bring yet ANOTHER one of the parts... still couldn't get it to work.... they leave... and leave the computer too...

Well my grandfather got ahold of it... took the piece out, TURNED IT AROUND... put it back in, and voila... worked perfectly...

Well needless to say, I then had 2 desktops (once they sent me my new one) that worked perfectly.

So 3 different people came, and each put it in wrong.... I think that says something about the screening process of that company *cough HP cough* 


I am a Sound Soldier

"Can you put a price on your data?"

Yeah, I estimate my data to be worth about 14 kicks to your nuts you fat want to-be nerd!

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

They mentioned it in the link provided for the full report - which is a lot more interesting. They were techs that we wouldn't know, but they did mark up the memory sticks significantly.

You should see what the dust room guy does next....scary.

I went to the link and the clip doesn't appear to play, at least for me. So, if you want, use this link to download the .wmv file.


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So what three got it right?  That would have been helpful.

Unfortunately the same could probably said for any problem a person would have and not know enough about.  Car repair, home repair, any electronic device..... My wife won't take her car to any repair shop without a guy with her. She knows they will try to talk her into buying things she doesn't need. Sucks you can't just trust people.

"I'm just like you only shorter."


Interesting... very interesting!  A monkey could do better.  Except for coming up with that room.  That was a good one.  Hmmm, maybe it's time for me to get one of dem there jobs!

"Special Dust free room in London" That is halarious!!

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