Her Name is Daisy!

Yes! we've added a new member to our family.. She is a Yellow Lab, like our current dog (buddy) and her name is Daisy! We got her off an old lady in LA that was looking for a good home for the pups! Shes only 6 weeks and loves to sleep.. <3 Her and Buddy get along great so were really looking forward towards them bonding together.. (& yup were getting her spayed, we dont want pups running around in the future) Its such an exciting opportunity for us since once again we get to experience the many fun puppy moments we've had with our other little ones...





pinky i am so sorry. the only thing taht i can think to say is that there are many other animals out there that need a loving and warm home like yours. daisy was one of the lucky ones. i hope you can share your gift of love with another lucky lil pup.

pinks - i too am sorry for the loss of your Daisy. i know how much joy she brought to your life. i am also all to familiar with parvo. it's a vicious beast and i have lost a pet before to it. i hope when the time is right for you, that you select another Lab pup that brings you as much sunshine as Daisy once did.    


I saw your Tweet when I woke up this morning. Honey, I am so sorry for your loss, I wish there was something else I could say...


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

Im so sorry pinky. RIP daisy. 


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Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers...

Daisy was doing good yesterday afternoon, she looked soo much better. But it all turned for the worse at night when i found her on the floor unable to move and crying in pain.. I  layed her down on her favorite bed, were she layed there unconcious and breathing super hard..

My Daisy didn't make it and passed away last night around 9:15 pm.. I'm soo devastated we tried everything but in the end she wasn't strong enough to fight. I wish there was more we can do about this parvo virus! We were so cofident about overcoming it with Daisy since my older dog (Buddy) over came it.. This morning I took her in to say our final good bye.. I miss her soo much...


RIP my little angel! <3


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*lump in my throat*oh this is not good Pinks. i'm praying she pulls out of it! keep us posted.   


Best of luck to Daisy.  Hopefully the Vet can get some fluids in her in time, and she'll pull through.  Parvo's rough, my little Jerry died from it last week.  My fingers are crossed for Daisy and you.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

So Daisy hasn't been feeling good these last couple of days.. No vomit, just some slight diarrhea... So I thought she must have eat something or maybe the heat.. I took her to the Vets office yesterday, only to find out she has Parvo.. My heart is heartbroken for her... We brought her back home and have been giving her pedialite. This morning I got up to find her walking around, but with a pooped (diarrhea) pad, so shes not that great still.. I went back to sleep.. and got up around seven to find her missing.. I dont know how she does it, but she finds the strenght to jump her baby fence into our kitchen. I found her this morning cuddled up under the table (her favorite spot) No diharrhea so far.. But shes off to the vets office for a hospitalization and so the doctor can keep an eye out on her.. Everyone please pray for my Daisy.. =(

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She's precious!  You were looking for a lab a few months back, weren't you?  So glad you found what you were looking for (if that was you).  She's adorable; Buddy will be glad to have a buddy (LOL pun intended)...

Awwwwww, paupie!  She is soooo cute :D I don't blame her for sleeping all day that bed looks comfy! lol

Congrats :) And I love the name ;) I have a Daisy too ;D

She's GORGEOUS!!!  How sweet, with her head resting on her widdle paws, I'm in looooove!


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I want to come play tooooo!!! 

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Buddy sniffed her at first and then didn't pay much attention to her since she was sleeping the whole day.. When she woke up, she wanted to play with him and he looked a little confused since she is soo tiny.. he lays down so he can play with her.. we just have to keep our eye out since shes still tiny.. I cant wait till shes bigger, there going to have a blast playing together..

So your getting a dog also!!! How exciting!! let us know how things go! =D


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

daisy totally as the 'awe' factor going on there! we are currently pet shopping. while i originally intended to purchase a Yorkie, we came across a local non profit adoption site. the little guy we put our application on was kept by the foster parents. they just fell for him. so, i'm actively searching and hope to add to our family this week.

can't wait to watch daisy grow! how does buddy like her?


 Congrats, Pinky!  She's a cutie.




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